Day 1 Is In The Books


The first day of the 2008 Miami Dolphins training camp is in the books and so far the news is good…no one has been seriously injured.  Knock on wood.  3 times, do it, if you don’t have wood nearby use your head….dooooo itttt!

So with practice over today and tomorrow only 1 on the schedule, at 2:00 PM, the Phins are now looking at tweaking the roster here and there.  If today is any indication, this could be an ongoing thing for the next month.

Cuts and signings.

The Dolphins today alone cut offensive lineman Dan Gore, Julius Wilson, and WR Justin Wynn.  They signed Chad Henne, Phillip Merling, WR Anthony Armstrong, and undrafted rookie offensive lineman Reuben Riley…who?  He was part of the line that protected Henne in Michigan.

So a few final notes on the day:

  • The Phins are running a 34…as we expected.
  • Ricky Williams apparently looks really good.
  • Ronnie Brown looks recovered…more on Brown at the end of this blog.
  • Davone Bess?  This guy actually may make the roster…o.k. it’s day 1 but he is already supposedly showing more than any WR Miami has had sans Welker in the last 5 years if not more…why?  Because he doesn’t drop balls.
  • The QB’s….rookie Chad Henne made his debut and according to one writer has a nice strong arm.  Seems most of the writers are of the belief that McCown has been shaky and Beck has been sharper…again…this is day 1.
  • Anthony Fasano is looking like the real deal.  He is catching passes in stride although he did have one in the AM practice stripped.  Fasano is my big player on offense this year.  I absolutely love what this guy can do…or at least what I think he will do.  For the record, one of the local media guys said Dave Martin is looking like David Martin…dropping balls…prediction:  He will be cut before the season begins.

Ronnie Brown says that most of his recovery now is mental.  He says that he is battling the head games that go along with fully relying on the strength of his knee.  This is a good thing actually.  Rushing back into it full speed after a 10 month rehab from an ACL tear is never going to be easy.   Brown will allow his body to acclimate to the rigors of the NFL again and his knee will get stronger.  While he will not run it out at 100 percent, the fact that he is aware that is mental should help to focus on his recovery more both physical and mental.

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