Henne Hits A Snag, Training Camp Starts Now


The Miami Dolphins, excuse me, the “New Look” Miami Dolphins start their training camp, their season, everything, today.  This is truly a “New Beginning” as the Dolphins wll tell you in their ad campaign.  The focus of this team is more reminiscent of Don Shula and his swagger than the pumped up fun attitude of Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt and of course the laid back Cam Cameron.  I don’t think Tony Sparano will be sitting in a coaches box this pre-season.

While this change is all well and fine, the fact is that there is work to be done and if this group of coaches don’t get this team back to the playoffs, it won’t matter how hard they work this team, how many new players they bring in, and so on.  They will still be viewed as failures…in Miami.  It all starts today so check back often for the updates.

While most Phins will be on the field, it looks as though one may not be.  A phone call yesterday informed that Phillip Merling had been signed, in that same call, I was told that Henne “would likely be done in an hour”.  Apparently one of two things have happened.  1:  The deal hit a snag making Chad Henne a late 2nd round holdout which is absolutely absurd, or 2, Henne has signed and it hasn’t been announced.  Something that teams will often do prior to the start of training camp.  In any case, we will see today when the team takes the field.  If there are 3 QB’s we are good to go.  If there are 2, Henne and his agent are fools.  Phillip Merling has yet to offiicially be announced as well.

In other news the Dolphins released WR Justin Wynn and signed Anthony Armstrong and undrafted WR out of West Texas A&M according to a Sun-Sentinel report.  The Dolphins will still have to cut two players by the start of camp unless they do not officially announce the signing of Henne and Merling.

NOTE:  I will be gone most of the morning as my 4 year old has his first soccer practice so I will updating the blog immediately upon my return with all of the latest.  Please feel free to Email me any breaking developments.  Thank you.