Training Camp Day 2


Again I am using the reports of Palm Beach Post writer Ben Volin for my information.  He seems to be the quickest to the computer this weekend.  In fact, at the time of this blog, he is the only one with any information on the Sunday practice at all.  Kudos to Ben Volin for keeping us fans in the know.  It’s really hard to get up to minute info this year with the laptop and cell phone blackout at practices.  Here is the latest from Volin:


(so much for Beck looking better)

While the skill players are off doing drills, Vonnie Holliday is working on the far field by himself with D-coordinator Paul Pasqualoni. Vonnie has been a defensive tackle most of his career, but it looks like he’s learning how to play standing up, a la Jason Taylor.

Here is the kickoff coverage unit so far (L to R): Joey Thomas, Ernest Wilford, Reggie Torbor, David Kirkus, Edmond Miles, Jay Feely, Keith Davis, Patrick Cobbs, Rob Ninkovich, Chris Crocker, Nathan Jones.

11-on-11 team drills. John Beck and Chad Henne, today, mixing in with first- and second-teamers.

Beck starts first, and his first snap is a sweep to Ronnie Brown. Brown explodes after the hand-off, cuts the corner, takes it about 10 yards up-field and knocks Will Allen to the ground. Crowd goes wild.

Second play, and Channing Crowder busts through the line to stuff Ricky. With Zach Thomas gone, the Fins really need Crowder to be healthy and productive this year.

Neither quarterback looks great, but defense is always ahead of offense this time of the year.

Vonnie beats Smiley off the ball, and Charlie Anderson blows past Jake Long on the same play, forcing an incomplete from Beck.

Next pass, Beck throws a wounded duck that is easily intercepted by Jason Allen. No receiver within 5 yards of the pass. Not Beck’s finest moment.

Quentin Moses flies around Ikechuku Ndukwe for a sack. Next play, Beck throws another bad pass, a bomb off his back foot that again is almost picked off. He’s had better days.

Henne’s turn. First snap is a fumbled exchange with Ronnie Brown.

Brandon Fields, meanwhile, is killing it on the next field over.

Henne forces a pass over the middle to Jayson Foster in quadruple coverage. Renaldo Hill makes an easy interception.

Ricky makes a nice 10-yard run up the right side, and puts a little hot sauce on his hit on Scorpio Babers after the play. Ricky finishes every run hard.

Henne has a case of happy feet, and Vonnie Holliday sacks him as a result.

Jalen Parmele hits the hole HARD. He was in the secondary in the blink of an eye.

  • Running backs are running through the gauntlet. Ronnie looks a little sluggish, but with his knee and in this heat, that’s not a surprise.
  • First team O-Line continues to be (L to R): Long, Smiley, Satele, Darilek, Carey. Sparano said this won’t change much for the first few practices.
  • Ernest Wilford stands out among the receivers — literally. At 6-4, he’s the tallest receiver by a couple of inches. Seeing him stand next to 5-7 Jayson Foster is a hoot. Wilford looks like he’s in great shape, wanting to prove that he can be a No. 1 guy.
  • Davone Bess continues to show off his great hands, while Foster runs so fast, he has to slow down to wait for the pass to get to him.
  • Kim Bokamper says yesterday morning’s practice had more contact than any practice during the entire 2007 season. Sparano isn’t messing around.


  • John Beck has a beautiful throw to David Kirkus. 50 yards, tight spiral, right on the money down the sideline.

Dolphins break out into a fun offense-defense drill. The right tackles and tight ends go up against the left defensive ends/linebackers, the center and guards match up with the nose tackle and inside linebackers, and the left tackles and tight ends square off against the right defensive ends/linebackers.

Looks like the main function of this drill is for the defenders to practice stunts, so these aren’t straight up 1-on-1s. A few observations:

  • The left pass rushers (among others): Matt Roth, Titus Brown, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Reggie Torbor.
  • Right pass rushers: Lionel Dotson, Quentin Moses, Phillip Merling, Charlie Anderson.
  • The middle guys: Jason Ferguson, Channing Crowder, Akin Ayodele.
  • NT Jason Ferguson looks like an absolute beast. He’s blowing Samson Satele off the ball every time. And Satele is no slouch.
  • Jake Long takes care of Vonnie Holliday, and had no problem taking care of Phillip Merling, pushing him to the outside. Justin Peelle takes care of Merling, too.
  • Charlie Anderson, though, tosses Jake to the ground. Welcome to camp, rookie.
  • Kelly Poppinga might have to eat his meals through a straw after Donald Thomas is done with him.
  • TE Sean Ryan takes care of Langford, pushing him back several feet.


Looks like Beck is off to a good start this TC.  Yesterday most of the reporters said he looked better than McCown.  I still can’t believe that they are raving about Davone Bess…could you imagine if this guy was another Marquese Colston?  I do love what Bokamp said about the contact…nice to hear…FINALLY!