Your Evening TC Update



The evening practice is in full swing tonight and once again, the hardest working journalist in S. Florida is Ben Volin from the Palm Beach Post.  Here is his latest updates.  Like the morning updates, I will do the same by editing this post with UPDATE across the top. 

"In team drills, the offense is using a four-wide set. Wilford, Ginn, Hagan and Camarillo are the top four … for now.Ronnie Brown works with the first team, while Ricky works with the second team. Not sure if I should read too much into that.Henne sails a pass in the flat — it may have been tipped, hard to tell — but it lands right in Will Allen’s hands for a Pick 6.Phillip Merling bats down one of Henne’s passes. That’s the second one today Merling has batted down. That 6-foot-4 wingspan sure helps.I told you how Vonnie Holliday has been learning how to play standing up … well now he’s lining up as the LOLB, and yes, even dropping back into coverage. Boomer Grigsby does a wheel route, burns past Holliday and hauls in a 25-yard pass. Holliday gets an A for effort though.Ted Ginn has looked pretty good during camp, but he does have a bad drop over the middle. McCown led him a bit too far, but Ginn did get both hands on it.Say this about McCown: He knows how to avoid a rush much better than Beck. McCown rolls out right away from pressure, and John Dunlap makes a great fingertip catch along the sideline.Joey Porter has been lining up mostly as the LOLB, but he briefly switches to ROLB and blows past Jake Long on one play, sacking McCown.But on the next play, Long and Smiley open up a hole bigger than a Mack truck for Ronnie Brown. Beautiful job by McCown stepping up in pressure and hitting Camarillo on a 25-yard seam route. Just one man’s opinion, but Camarillo has looked good as a fourth WR.Look at this, a wide receiver option pass. But David Kircus doesn’t see anyone open and smartly holds onto the ball."



Quarterbacks and receivers going against DBs with no pass rush. Everyone else off to the side.

  • Ernest Wilford nearly breaks Travis Daniels’ ankles on a post route. Very crisp, clean break by Wilford. Impressive route running.
  • Davone Bess continues to prove why he caught so many passes at Hawaii. He fakes Scorpio Babers out of his shoes on a down-and-in, and Babers lets out an audible cuss word that is not suitable for print.
  • Bad overthrow by Josh McCown on a deep pass to Selwyn Lymon. Andre Goodman comes up with a nice INT.
  • Jayson Foster may be just 5-foot-7, but he’s a little speed-demon out there and can run a clean route, too. Chris Crocker has no chance when Foster pulls off a 12 yard button hook.
  • John Beck really does throw a nice ball in these drills, with no one in his face. He airs one about 45 yards to David Kircus that is right on the money.
  • … Then again, Beck misses incomplete on four of his last five throws. They were all deep bombs, so it’s excusable.
  • Great play by CB Will Billingsley to break up a pass intended for Anthony Armstrong. Billingsley, Daniels, Joey Thomas and Nathan Jones are all going to be competing for that Dime spot.
  • Tony Sparano said this morning he has been impressed with Ted Ginn’s speed. Ginn runs a post route, and has a good eight yards of separation between him and Andre Goodman.
  • Bill Parcells takes CB Joey Thomas aside for a little 1-on-1 instruction. Almost like Parcells can’t help himself.
  • Team drills, and Donald Thomas is now playing RG with the first team, replacing Trey Darilek. You get the feeling Thomas, Sean Murphy and Ikechuku Ndukwe are all going to get a shot with the first team.

Joey Porter (ankle) is back at practice. Sparano didn’t drop any hints that Porter would be present this afternoon, but Porter is in pads and participating fully. He’s not running at 100 percent, but he is playing LOLB with the first team. Charlie Anderson is playing ROLB, and Rob Ninkovich is back with the second team.

Michael Lehan (ankle) is still out, and it looks like G Steve McKinney won’t be participating. He did the same thing on Saturday, participating in the morning and sitting out in the afternoon.

Former Packers GM Ron Wolf (and current Jupiter resident) is in attendance today, decked out in Dolphins gear from head to toe. Parcells and Ireland are chatting along the sideline. I’m trying to read Parcells’ lips. It’s harder than it looks.

Sparano still has his shades on, even though the team is indoors. Love it.

Ronnie Brown looks like he’s favoring the right knee a little bit when he’s walking, but he goes full speed during drills. The soreness is something he’ll just have to work through.