Afternoon TC:



I was gone most of the day, trying to catch up.  The afternoon practice has begun, here is the first update.  I have also updated the final morning practice blog as well.

11-on-11 drills, and Henne looks pretty good. He throws a nice 20-yard out to David Martin, out of Channing Crowder’s reach, and also shows good timing on an out to Hagan and a curl route to Davone Bess.

Have to take the good with the bad, though. Henne also fumbles a snap and takes a couple of sacks.

To finish the day, they’re practicing the Hurry Up offense. Henne goes first.

He starts off slow, holding onto the ball too long and getting a pass batted down by Vonnie Holliday.

Comes back by doing a great job selling the screen to Ricky Williams, who takes it up field for a hefty gain.

Beautiful slant pass to Bess, about 20 yards down field. Bess breaks the coverage, and in a game would’ve had a 50 yard touchdown.

They work the ball down to the 29, and Feely hits a hurry-up 39-yard field goal as time expires.

Beck’s turn, from his own 40 and 1:45 on the clock.

By the way, Rod Wright is playing nose tackle with the second unit.

Wobbly pass to Anthony Armstrong, but it’s complete. Armstrong doesn’t get out of bounds, and the clock is still running.

Beck completes consecutive passes to Fasano and Jayson Foster to work the Dolphins down to the 35.

Consecutive draw plays to Patrick Cobbs. Nice runs by Cobbs, ripping off major chunks of yards.

Instead of going for the touchdown, the Dolphins let the clock wind down and Beck takes a time out with 3 seconds left.

Dan Carpenter nails a 31-yard field goal, everyone goes home happy.

That should just about do it. Overall, a nice showing by Henne and Beck, with far fewer incompletions and batted passes than this morning’s practice.


  • Special teams drills, working on kickoff coverage. It’s only walk-through stuff, nothing live.
  • Almost all of the offensive skill players are kickoff returners, including Ginn, hagan, Bess, Armstrong, Jayson Foster and the like. The big guys are practicing rolling off their blockers. Compelling stuff.
  • Here is what appears to be the First Team kickoff coverage unit: Anthony Armstrong, Jalen Parmele, David Kircus, Selwyn Lymon, Keith Davis, Joey Thomas, Jay Feely, Edmond Miles, Patrick Cobbs, Rob Ninkovich, Chris Crocker, Nathan Jones.
  • Meanwhile, Vonnie and Porter are working with Paul Pasqualoni off to the side. Vonnie has been getting a ton of 1-on-1 attention this camp as he tries to transition to a DE/LB.
  • Quentin Moses is part of the second team kickoff coverage unit. I find that interesting.

Time for 7 on 7s.

  • Chad Henne goes first. He’s got a quick release, getting rid of the ball before the three-second “buzzer” goes off.
  • He’s also showing off his strong arm. He flings one to Derek Hagan about 55 yards. Hagan burns Will Allen and does a nice job catching up to the ball. Touchdown.
  • Henne goes 3-for-4. Nice job.
  • McCown’s up. He goes 2-for-4, with a bad overthrow to John Dunlap followed with a nice middle post route to David Kirkus.
  • Beck’s turn. Starts off with a nice pass to Anthony Armstrong, leading him well on a 15-yard post.
  • Beck then overthrows Ernest Wilford on a short out, and you can hear Derek Hagan yelling that he was open. Next throw, Beck does another check-down, but panics and chucks it at Parmele’s feet for an incompletion. Beck finishes 2-for-4.

Shells and shorts again. Same three guys are riding the bikes — Peelle (sprained knee), Daren Heerspink (knee) and Aaron Halterman (sore back).

A few quick notes during position drills:

  • Steve McKinney once again is sitting out with a knee injury. He’s been practicing at least once a day, but never twice. Guys like Ndukwe, Donald Thomas and Reuben Riley get the reps instead.
  • My bad: I wrote before that Ndukwe was still working with the First Team as right guard, but that was still Donald Thomas. And Thomas is still getting reps with the First Team for the afternoon practice, because “he moved peopled and he played physical,” Tony Sparano said earlier today.
  • Michael Lehan is testing out that right ankle, which he separated during minicamps. He’s doing criss-cross drills and lots of planting and cutting, but you can tell he’s in a lot of pain. Lehan is able to catch passes and finish the drills, but he might remain on the sidelines for awhile. The Dolphins are counting on him to be a Top 3 cornerback.
  • Tough drop by TE Matthew Mulligan on a deep seam route. He’s a longshot to make the team.
  • Nice hands by Ted Ginn. He runs a button hook, and a position coach pegs a throw at him from about 8 yards away, but Ginn holds on.