TC: August 1 Morning Practice



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… And practice is done. Shortest and lightest practice of the season, by far. The actual football part lasted about 70 minutes. Maybe they’re taking it easy before tomorrow’s scrimmage.

They finished with 11-on-11 drills, but it was all running plays. And then the QBs practiced running two steps back and falling on the ground. Exhilarating.

Not one pass thrown by the quarterbacks today, at least nothing outside of individual drills.

Hopefully we have some more excitement tonight. Practice starts at 5, and I’ll be live blogging again.

10:32 – Still not a heck of a lot going on. More kickoff drills and wedge busting, lots of players substituting in and out.

They brought out the juggs machine for the first time this camp for punt drills. Fascinating, I know.

Vernon Carey and Jake Long are getting a little private tutoring from O-Line coach Mike Maser. They are practicing their backpedals, planting and quick pivoting. Jake Long was known as a top-notch run blocker at college, but his pass blocking probably needs a little work. But man, he’s got incredibly nimble feet for someone who stands 6-7, 310 pounds.


I get back from my first update, and I see the entire team congregated in a circle in the middle of the fields. They’re chanting and clapping in unison. Feels like I’m watching Remember the Titans. No Denzel Washington sighting, though.

  • Not a ton to report. They’re doing kickoff drills. Half the team is practicing its wedge forming, and the other half is practicing its wedge busting.
  • Feely and Carpenter are practicing their pooch kicks, trick onside kicks, etc. Hopefully the Dolphins are better at pooch kicks this year.
  • Vonnie and Porter are once again working with Paul Pasqualoni off to the side.
  • Lehan still is running gingerly.
  • There’s a Fredi Gonzalez sighting today. He’s chilling with Parcells. Probably explaining why the Marlins didn’t get Manny.
  • Here is what appears to be your starting kickoff return unit, at least the nine guys up front: Camarillo, Torbor, Edmond Miles, Keith Davis, David Martin, Chris Crocker, and Rod Wright, Randy Starks and Kendall Langford are the wedge.


Shorts and shells today. Couple of quick updates during individual drills:

  • Don’t see Quincy or Terry Glenn. But OT Reuben Riley isn’t present. Not sure if it’s an injury, or if suddenly there’s an open roster spot.
  • Daren Heerspink (knee) is back at practice. Justin Peelle (knee) and Aaron Halterman (back) continue to ride the bike and do some agility drills. Michael Lehan (ankle) once again not practicing.
  • The quarterbacks are working with the running backs in passing drills. RBs are splitting out wide and catching quick outs.
  • Lex Hilliard drops an easy one. Not the best way to impress the coaching staff.
  • Sparano, meanwhile, is watching the receivers