Will Someone Please Shut Michael Irvin Up!


I was sitting here all prepared to write up a real nice piece on the Hall of Fame inductions tomorrow.  Write up a “Football is finally here” piece about the fact that this weekend, you actually will be able to watch 60 minutes of pre-season action.  Then, I clicked over to NFL.com to confirm some information and found that Michael Irving apparently still wants to cry over his, “this is what it means to be Hall of Famer“.  Would someone please shut him up?

First of all, Irvin should just be happy he is even in the HOF.  Sorry, but getting in before Art Monk is still a freaking joke.  Yeah we get it Michael your thrilled, but Welcome to the royal family”?  Did I miss something?  When were you nominated by the HOF inductees to be the welcoming committee?  Michael also talks about this being compared to the “Mob” only better.  I am not kidding.  The difference is not however that unlike in the Mob when you die you die and in the HOF your still welcome as Michael “the Babbler” states, it’s really that if this were the Mob, Michael would have probably been “hit” years ago.

Compared to 98 percent of the inductees, he should feel lucky to be there at all.  Let alone running off with his mouth about anything HOF related.  Your year is over, shut up.

I have learned however that there is a plan in place for Redskin WR Art Monk to honor his fellow HOF’er.  Monk is rumored to be preparing a tribute to Irvin during his speech.  Monk will begin to cry and exclaim, “Now I know what it’s like to be Michael Irvin.”  At which time a Canton Sherrifs officer will walk onto the stage, place Monk under arrest and announce, “No sir, NOW you know what it’s like to be Michael Irvin”. (Props to G for that inside scoop)

It gets worse though.  See, Irvin will be part of the NFL Network coverage of the event…watch ESPN…How many times will viewers hear “when I stood up there last year“.  My skin crawls with the very mention of it.  To me Michael Irvin is the little hood who stood at the Super Bowl and screamed “Give the man his due” in referring to former Dallas Cowboys HC Barry Switzer…hell I had to look that up because I couldn’t remember the Pro-Bowl hot dog eaters name….now there’s class for you.  Michael, he deserves no due…that wasn’t his freaking team…notice where he is now?  Not in the NFL.

While this weekend, should not be about Michael Irvin, Irvin is talking more than they are.  So who are they?  This year, the NFL welcomes a far more deserving group of men than Michael I.

For you Phins fans, if you continue reading, I have included a Miami Dolphins prediction that should really get your juices flowing. 

 Darrell Green, the former Washinton Redskins standout was the little guy that always did.  Green was a powerhouse burst of energy.  His induction in the HOF is a culmination of on-field athletic achievements and off-field honesty.  In his entire career dating back to the 1983 draft (taken one pick after Dan Marino) Green’s name has never been mentioned in a bad light.  A true proffessional.

Art Monk, the Redskins get two this year and finally the long overdue wait for Monk comes full circle.  Monk only was in the top 5 of almost all the major categories in receiving history.  His numbers slightly better than a WR last year.  Many believe that Monks abscence from the HOF is due to his relationship with the media who actually vote on the inductees.  In any case, he is here, long overdue but here. 

Gary Zimmerman, the offensive lineman was a stallwart perennial pro-bowler who was a member of the 1980 and 1990 All-Decade team.  Playing for the Vikings, Giants, and Broncos, Zimmerman began his career in the USFL.  He finished his career in Denver.

Andre’ Tippett, I suppose you can’t really argue that he belongs in the HOF.  A member of the 1980 All-Decade team, his name was sidelined with those of Lambert, Taylor, Hendricks, and Singletary. 

Fred Dean was the defensive catalyst for the San Francisco 49ers.  His play in 1981 led him to be named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  Dean was the Jason Taylor of his day.  A small DE who used his speed and quickness to get around lineman and punish the QB.  He was the leader of the defense on the 49er’s 1st 2 Super Bowl championship teams.

Emmitt Thomas was an undrafted defenseman who had 58 career interceptions, 4th all-time.  Thomas was a member of both Chiefs Super Bowls and is this year Senior Committee electee.

While the focus will be on the inductees and their speeches, it will still likely stand as the year Michael Irvin wouldn’t shut up.  Of course he probabaly shouldn’t.  All of the above mentioned HOF inductees are more qualified to be in the HOF than Michael Irvin…of course so were 98% of the nominees who didn’t make the final cut.  At least they got something right this year, the 8 year wait for Art Monk has finally ended.  Now if only the face time of the man who can’t talk coherently would.

You made it this far?  Good for you.  Crazy Miami Dolphins prediction for you.  John Beck will be traded before game one of the season.  No this is not some inside dope from a contact, this is just a weird gut feeling…maybe it’s the gas that developed from seeing Michael Irvins’ face attatched to the HOF.