Worst Moment In Dolphins History Is…


The new look Miami Dolphins are a new look franchise.  From a new 50 percent owner to the new offensive lineman and special teamers.  For the first time in it’s history the Miami Dolphins are in the process of a total rebuild, one of the very last franchises in all of professional sports to go through one, and the very last in the NFL.

While the Dolphins attempt to write a ship that began sinking almost a decade ago, we asked, the fans, what was the worst moment in Dolphins history? 

From a snow plow game in wintry New England, to a flailing last second completion by the Raiders, Cam Cameron, a Super Bowl loss, and Dave Wannstedt

The votes are in and the winner is, or loser, Dave Wannstedt.

Hired by Wayne Huizenga in an attempt to keep Jimmy Johnson as the Phins HC, Dave Wannstedt was the “heir apparent”.  Dave was handed the keys following the JJ resignation, which followed a blowout loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs.  Wannstedt was not only the head coach, but a first time general manager as well.

Within a month of his hire, the Dolphins faithful got a glimpse of what was to come when he told Dan Marino that he was not guaranteed a roster spot and gave his approval to seek a trade.  Dave had chosen to move on without Dan Marino, forcing the iconic QB into retirement. 

The lasting impression of the Dave Wannstedt era can still be felt today.  A look around the Miami Dolphins training center will show you only a splattering of faces that were brought in by the coach.

No QB on the roster from his tenure, only 2 drafted players remain from his years and one of those was a Rick Speilman draft pick.  Ricky Williams is back, but his career in Miami is far from spectacular despite the RB’s athleticism.

All in all, despite long seasons without Super Bowl appearances, losses in the tight playoff games, and sometimes early exits, the Dolphins were always competitive.  When the Jimmy Johnson fingerprint began to wear off the Phins, Dave Wannstedts coaching inability and bad decision making led the team in a downward spiral that has left fans waiting, even today, to be turned around.

In all of the moments in Dolphins history, no one single event had more of an affect on this team then the hiring of Dave Wannstedt.  While some argued that a Super Bowl loss is, was, and always will be a bad moment, the ramifications and the lingering effects last only a season or two after.  A bad coach, a worse GM, and arguably the worst hire in history, Dave Wannsted alone had more to do with these Fins today, than any moment in history.  That is why he won so handedly.