Afternoon Practice Under the Clouds



(The second update is a good play by play of a 2 minute drill each QB did.  Actually fun to read this one)

The Phins are on the practice field, the dark clouds are over their head, the practice bubble is a quick jog away.  The afternoon practice is about to begin, and I will once again update you as I get the info.


I get back and they’re doing 7-on-7 drills. Edgar says I didn’t miss much.

  • Channing Crowder completely ignores the “thud” rule and flattens Ronnie Brown on a swing pass. I mean, flattens him. Good to see Ronnie bounce right back up.
  • But David Kircus should be grateful for the rule. He jumps up high for a catch, and in a real game Chris Crocker would have destroyed him.

They go back to 11-on-11 drills.

  • Henne up first. Doesn’t seem like any specific situation this time.
  • Matt Roth is lining up as an OLB, by the way, on both sides of the line. Kendall Langford is taking First and Second Team reps at LDE.
  • Henne’s first pass is incomplete because Jason Ferguson ate Samson Satele and Donald Thomas for lunch and got in Henne’s face.
  • After runs by Ronnie up the middle and to the left, Henne once again has his arm hit (didn’t see by whom), and Travis Daniels picks it off.
  • Henne finishes with a really nice 18-yard post to Ted Ginn, and then is sacked by Charlie Anderson, who is also rotating between the First and Second Team.

Beck’s turn.

  • He starts off with a swing pass to Jalen Parmele, and then a quick out to Greg Camarillo, who catches it but slips to his feet.
  • Beck throws a screen pass at Parmele’s feet and it falls incomplete, and follows that up with a quick hitch to Ronnie over the middle.
  • Uh oh, not a good pass by Beck. He throws it right to Reggie Torbor, who has the easiest interception of his life. Camarillo was the intended receiver, but he was at least 6 yards further down field.
  • Beck gets nailed by Kendall Langford on the next pass, but Davone Bess catches it anyway.

Then Dolphins insert the Jumbo package, and Henne and Beck work on short-yardage situations. Mostly runs up the middle, nothing too exciting.

That’s probably the last update for now. Have to go talk to players. Hopefully will have enough material for one final update tonight.


Hey guys, sorry for the delay. Wanted to wait for something to actually happen during practice before I gave you some more updates.

After some sleep-inducing individual drills, the Dolphins practiced the two-minute offense.

  • Chad Henne is up first, with the First Teamers. 1:15 on the clock, from the opposing 48 yard line.
  • The Dolphins go three-wide, but it’s Greg Camarillo, not Ernest Wilford, on the field.
  • Henne starts off with a quick out pattern to Derek Hagan, a throw-away on second down and another out pattern to Camarillo on the left side for a first down.
  • Henne then hits Anthony Fasano streaking across the middle, and hits Camarillo again on the left side. Really nice catch by Camarillo, using his body to shield Andre Goodman from the ball.
  • A fade pattern to Ricky Williams in the back of the end zone goes out of bounds with 4 seconds left.
  • At the buzzer, Henne throws toward Fasano in the back of the end zone, but Will Allen picks it off. Dolphins lose (or win).

John Beck’s turn. Same situation.

  • Beck and David Kircus get their signals crossed on the first play. Beck throws an out pattern, while Kircus runs a fly route.
  • After a check-down to Patrick Cobbs over the middle, Beck hits David Martin over the middle for a first down.
  • Beck throws a wobbler to Wilford that lands at the receiver’s feet, but then comes back with a beautiful throw to David Martin over the middle, threading it between two defenders. Nice job by Martin, too, to go up and get the ball over Keith Davis.
  • Spike, 15 seconds to go.
  • Incomplete out pattern to Wilford that should have been picked off by Joey Thomas. Thomas read that play like the New York Times.
  • Nice improvisation by Beck on a broken play. He scrambles out of the pocket, waives for Jalen Parmele to break his route and streak to the end zone, lobs a perfect pass to Parmele, he’s wide open in the end zone …. and he drops it. D’oh.
  • One second on the clock, Beck throws incomplete to Wilford out of the end zone. Drive over. Still no points.

McCown’s turn. Same situation.

  • After a Lex Hilliard run up the middle, McCown hits Jayson Foster on a 12-yard out to the right side, and Foster steps out of bounds.
  • A quick out to Sean Ryan is followed by a nice catch-and-throw from McCown to Foster on a 20-yard out route, taking the Dolphins down to about the 2 yard line.
  • McCown throws a slant pass to John Dunlap in the end zone that falls in complete, and then has Hilliard open in the end zone on a playaction roll-out, but throws behind Hilliard.
  • 20 seconds left, Dolphins are in 5-wide, and there is no one lining up behind the defensive line. I turn to Edgar and say, “QB sneak it up the middle.” Sure enough, QB sneak up the middle, touchdown.


A couple updates to get us started:

  • We’re practicing outside, for now. Shells and shorts this evening.
  • Justin Peelle (sprained knee) is back. He hasn’t participated in practice since last Tuesday. Steve McKinney (knee) is participating in his second practice today.
  • Michael Lehan (ankle) is still out.
  • Donald Thomas was listed as a Second Team right guard in the team’s first depth chart, but lined up as a First Teamer to start this evening’s practice.
  • No new players have been added. We’re still at 78.
  • Bill Parcells was practicing his golf swing during stretching. Looks pretty good.