Afternoon Delight



The Phins are almost ready to take the field and I just got back from golfing in the nick of time.  Yes, golfing.  Hey, even I need a break sometimes…didn’t “fairway” well though.

They’re doing 11-on-11 drills, and once again, it’s not the best day for the passing unit.

  • Henne finds Davone Bess over the middle, but it goes off his hands and right to Nate Jones for the INT.
  • Anthony Armstrong has another drop, on a deep ball from Henne. Second drop today for Armstrong.
  • To prove the receivers are equal opportunity, Ernest Wilford drops an easy reception from John Beck. The ball was right in his hands.
  • Beck seems to be tapping the ball right before he throws it, when it is cocked by his ear. Wonder if that has anything to do with his wobbly throws.
  • McCown throws a pass right to Travis Daniels, but he drops the INT and pops down for 10 push-ups.
  • Pass interference on Will Allen for steamrolling Davone Bess three steps before the ball arrives.

That’s it for now. I’ll have one last update for you, after we talk to players.

  • Punt drills. Ginn, Bess and Armstrong are returning punts. Fields is pinning them inside the 20. A few balls get caught up in the wind, but he’s doing a nice job getting hang time and pinning the offense

Hey guys, back for some more. Let’s get to it.

  • They do individual drills and the like for the first 40 minutes or so. Quarterbacks throwing to receivers, but with no defense. Chad Henne throws a really nice deep ball.
  • They break out into 11-on-11 drills on the far field. Looks like Beck and McCown are practicing short-yardage situations, and handing the ball off to the running backs.
  • On the other half of the field, Henne and two receivers are going up against three DBs.
  • A perfect deep ball to Ted Ginn for a touchdown, about a 45-yard strike. Led Ginn perfectly past Andre Goodman, and the ball fell right into his hands as he crossed the goal line.
  • Another deep ball to Selwyn Lymon is placed on the money, but Lymon drops it.
  • He throws a deep square-in to Hagan, who out-sprints Travis Daniels and Chris Roberson for the TD. This drill definitely favors the offense.
  • Henne ends the drill with a drop by Jayson Foster for an easy interception for Chris Crocker.
  • Henne jumps into the rotation for the 11-on-11 short-yardage drills.
  • On a pitch left to Ricky Williams, Joey Porter makes a great pursuit and stops Ricky in the backfield.
  • Ernest Wilford is working primarily with the second team, though Sparano said he will continue to mix and match throughout camp.
  • Beck hops in there, and he throws a few passes.
  • His first one is a nice square-in to Jayson Foster. Good job by Beck getting the throw off early.
  • The next snap is a fumbled exchange between Beck and Samson Satele.
  • Beck throws a screen to Jalen Parmele, and then is sacked by Joey Porter.


OK guys, a few quick hits:

  • Full pads today. No Michael Lehan (ankle). All 77 other players are accounted for.
  • It looks like Jay Feely is not practicing today. He’s not in pads, and he’s riding the bike during individual drills. Remember, he had a strained oblique at the end of OTAs two months ago.
  • Donald Thomas once again opens up as the First Team right guard.
  • The QBs work on quick outs to the tight ends. The running backs are going through the gauntlet, linebackers working on fumble drills.