A Tale Of Two Pity's


The Miami Dolphins are no longer cursing under their breath each time John Beck and Josh McCown throw an incompletion or an interception.  Mainly because neither one of them are on the field.  You see there is two camps now in Davie, the side of the field with QB coach David Lee, and the other side of the field with the quality control coach guy…whatever his name is.

Guess where Beck and McCown are?

That’s right.  Not only are Beck and McCown only taking about 5 snaps between themselves in practice combined, they are standing on the opposite side of the field while Penny Henne stands on the other with the QB coach.  Penny Henne is how Jeff Ireland referes to them now.  It’s a pity really.

So what does that leave the team?  For all the talk this weekend about the Phins possibly keeping 4 QB’s on the roster, it appears now that perhaps it will not only be 3 QB’s but perhaps the 3rd isn’t even on the roster yet?  In one weekend it went from battling to start to battling to keep my home in south Florida.  Hell, they are not even fighting to see who gets to hold for the kicks.

To me, Beck is the one that should stay.  Not because he is better but because he is the least known of the two.  We all know what McCown has done in the NFL, he has moved around enough to know that he has yet to find a team to stick on.  Beck on the other hand is still learning the ropes of the NFL…albeit at the ripe age of 26.

When the dust settles on the Dolphins training camp this year, neither of these guys may be here.  There is nothing in the NFL that guarantees you time beyond your first year.  Beck was the early 2nd rounder that was supposed to be the man to fix the QB problem, instead, he was rushed and unprepared and one has to wonder what might have been if he had been given some time and coaching last season.  It’s obvious that his changes in release are coming slowly.

While McCown may once again be searching for another team soon, the fact is he is the veteran and should have been able to grasp it all earlier.  He didn’t.  Even had his brain not caught up through the playbook, he at least should have been able to his targets.  He couldn’t.