This Chad Gets The Vote


The Miami Dolphins lined up for their first practice yesterday following the Saturday night pre-season Buc’s game.   They made a roster change and a new depth chart (that news is at the bottom). 

It was the first time that new HC Tony Sparano would work with his team after actually looking at some game film.  It was also the first time that local media cast a ballot of the change at QB and so far, this Chad gets the vote.

Chad Pennington said he felt like a kid, lost on his first day  of practice, he said he felt like he did 8 years ago as a rookie.  Then, he took the field.  It was no surprise that Pennington would get the majority of the practice work

"“I tried to remain calm on the outside, [but] it’s like a tornado on the inside,” said Pennington."

If Pennington was the new face on the field, then I suppose the absence of our receivers was also a huge mystery.

Over the last couple of weeks the Miami WR’s dropped everything, ran flat routes, got no separation.  They were basically a who’s who of who would be cut first.  Yesterday, they caught balls.  They caught touchdown passes, they caught, well they didn’t catch everything, but it was a big turnaround from last week.

"“Obviously, with Chad here, he just brings that veteran leadership,” receiver Derek Hagan said. “He definitely knows what he’s talking about, definitely takes command of the huddle. We’ve been waiting for that, looking for that and we got that with Chad.”"

The breakdown of practice was such that CP took the big load, the other and not forgotten Chad, Chad Henne,  took the majority of 2nd string snaps.  McCown was ushered in for a mere 4 plays and sent to the sidelines.  Beck came in and took 2 snaps and his day was over.  Not a good sign for the two QB’s looking to battle for a roster spot.  From “likely starter week 1” to “at best 3rd string” is where they sit now.

Leadership is what has been lacking on the offensive unit for sometime.  Chad Pennington displayed some of that on Saturday, on Sunday, and again on Monday.  He mingled with his lineman and WR’s during the game Saturday night.  He spent 10 hours studying the playbook and game film on Sunday.  On Monday, when practice ended, Chad Pennington held back his WR’s for a 20 minute under the bubble meeting.  Leadership?  Yeah, he has it.

While it still makes me laugh to not be laughing at Chad Pennington and the Jets for starting him, realizing of course he will now be starting in Miami, I will give him one thing, finally hearing something positive coming out camp that revolves around our QB’s makes me finally smile.  Knowing of course that I have seen CP twice a year for the last 8…I will temper that enthusiasm until it really counts and I see what exactly he does for this team.


The Dolphins cut LB Kelvin Smith who would have gone on IR anyways after a season ending injury on Saturday, Smith was a long shot to make the team as it was.

The Dolphins depth chart got some tweaking and in reality, there are no major surprises, but your eye-brows may raise a bit.

  • Donald Thomas is officially the starting RG beating out Trey Darilek….Way to go kid!
  • Ernest Wilford is now the back-up to Ted Ginn losing his number 2 WR spot
  • Derek Hagan is the new number 2 WR beating out Wilford
  • Davone Bess is the new number 3 WR and will be the new slot guy…way to go Rook!