We are currently holding a voting poll to see who will replace the departed Jason Taylor, scroll down for that vote and cast yours.  We will also be holding a vote on who will replace Ted Ginn, Jr.  The way I see it, Ginn is neither a rookie nor an all-pro so why have him on our banner?  Let him prove himself before we give him that recognition.  So instead, I want you to be on it.  That’s right, I said YOU.  As in your mug shot.

So starting today, I want you to start Emailing me your best picture for our banner.  That’s right, I said your picture on our banner.  This is how the entire banner will work.  This year, your voting on the JT replacement.  Each week during the regular season you will vote on a weekly Miami Dolphins MVP.

Those winners will be kept on the new menu tab page titled POTW…or Player of the Week.  At the end of the season, you will name the “Player of the Year”, his picture will replace the one who replaces JT and will don our banner until the next “POY” is crowned.

The winner of the Fan Photo contest will have his face professionally added to our banner by our very own Zach the miracle workerBest.  Your face will stay on the banner throughout the entire season where if all goes well, we run the contest again. Got it?

The photos I choose to be voted on will be done so without your name or any background information on you.  Therefore, it will only be your photo that will be put up for vote.  The winner of course will be announced in a blog about that person.

So, start Emailing me your photos.  I will only accept photos at the is Email address.  Not all pictures will be displayed on our pages for voting as I will only pick the ones I deem are worthy of being on our banner.  I will then place them here for readers to vote.  By replying to this “contest” and by submitting your photos to us, you agree to waive any and all copyright you may have over them for the purpose of us using your image on this site.  Only personal pictures or pictures you own the rights to are acceptable.

Get your mug on people and let’s get you, the PHINATIC, on our banner!