Maybe Just A Little Excitement


So the Miami Dolphins game is going into halftime.  I am unable to do a live update…ancient computer at the parents house.  There is reason to perhaps start to get excited about this NFL season.  Let me say this first…this is ONLY a pre-season game.  The Phins are leading 13-0 and there are two tales to that tape.

First, Jacksonville had the ball at the two yardline before Miami stripped the ball out of the endzone…Henne took the team down the field for a field goal as time expired in the first half.  The real story has to be the poise of Chad Henne, he looks good and does not look like a rookie.

Henne was shown yelling to his teammates to get up to the line, he threw a beautiful long ball to Ted Ginn in stride who caught the ball over his shoulder, then bobbled it and failed to get his second foot down.  A few plays later and Henne hit Derek Hagan on an out route for about 15 yards but it was called back for an illegal formation when rookie Davone Bess didn’t cover the TE on his side.

All this against the Jaguars 1st string defense.

Chad Pennington is the other tale of all this.  A shaky offensive start to the game led to a nice drive for an offensive touchdown on series 2 when Ricky Williams scored from the 3.  Pennington went 5-7 I believe in his series of plays.  The local network experienced tech issues and I missed all but the first two Pennington drives.

The Dolphins offensive line looks much more improved than last week, but still a long way to go.  In addition, the WR corp is…are you ready for this…getting separation.  It is so early for any reason to jump up and down, but the Phins are going against the Jags first team O and D and are holding their own.

On the D side of the ball, Miami has consistently pressured David Garrard and has caused him to hurry his passes while at the same time keeping him locked in the pocket.  Again, like the offense, there is still work to do, but the rookies all around are stepping up, Channing Crowder is becoming a leader, and Yeremiah Bell looks not only recovered, but possessed.

If this game is an indication of what Miami can accomplish in terms of 1 week to the next, then there is reason to believe this season may hold some excitement.  If this team is the team we get to see all year…Miami could very well give their fans something to cheer about.  I will say this.  Chad Henne?  WOW…it’s really hard to not be excited over this kid.