Quick Hits


So, the freaking TS Fay that is pouring rain over Florida has effectively ruined what should have been fun in the sun, has made tomorrows golf outing at “The Palms” course at Disney all but 100 percent assuredly wet, and now threatens to keep me here through the weekend as it passes along the northern FL. coast where I will be driving in 3 days.  Internet access is hit or miss at best as I keep losing signal strenght….so today, a “Quick Hit” is actually just that…hit before the signal goes out again.  By the way, this ancient computer I am writing on does not allow me to post images.

Ronnie Brown – the Miami Dolphins have debunked the trade rumors of the former number 2 overall pick saying that Brown “WILL” be a Miami Dolphin this year.  Beyond that?  Who knows.  However, we did hear the same thing regarding Jason Taylor as well.  Although I don’t believe Brown will be traded, if the right offer came along, nothing is completely out the realm of possible.

Ricky Williams – Williams stated that since he came to the Dolphins, this is the best Oline he has run behind.  That says something about the Miami Oline considering his best proffessional year statistically came behind a Dolphins line.  Tony Sparano has to be the biggest influence over these guys as he has been, until this year, an Oline coach.  If the play of the unit continues to improve and the Jaguars game was any indication, this line should be a very productive line this season.  Ricky believes he can better his statistics from the 2003 campaign.

Joe Horn – Within 3 hours of his release from Atlanta, Horn’s agent had contacted Miami.  The 36 year old former pro-bowl is now telling media that he is interested in at least 30 other NFL teams.  The Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys are also interested.  I think Miami should stay away from the slowed WR and look to the free agent market and roster cuts that will be made next week.

John Beck – Still the center of trade rumors, Beck is believed to be on the block and Miami reportedly wants a 4th rounder for the 2nd year 27 year old QB.  Not likely.  While Dallas appears to have interest in the QB to back up Tony Romo, they would likely only give up a late day 2 pick.  My guess?  The Dolphins will trade Beck to the Cowboys for the 6th rounder we traded them for Jason Ferguson.

The Two Chads – Tony Sparano says that it is not of the question that the rookie Chad could start the season if he proves to be the best option for the team.  Yeah, and we all can hear this when Pennington starts.  “I said Chad would start the season, I didn’t say which one.”

Joey Porter – His nagging injuries appear to be getting worse.  Not only is Porter dealing with a nagging back injury that causes cramping in his muscles, his limited play on Saturday against the Jaguars tweaked his knee that has kept him out of practice this week and likely the next two pre-season games.  Porter is looking more and more like a monumental waste of money and yet another Camueller mistake.  With all the talent and the right attitude, Porter’s abscense on the field makes him useless to the team.  Porter is frustrated by the injuries that are keeping him off the field.

Donald Thomas and Kendall Langford – Both rookies have earned not only their decals but their respective starting jobs.  Thomas a 6th round pick has been extremely impressive and the 3rd rounder Langford has excelled at DE.