Fantasy Week 1 Results


If you have not yet added New England QB Matt Cassel to your fantasy roster it is a good possibility that it is too late.  If you do not know that Tom Brady is out for the year, you shouldn’t be playing fantasy football. In many leagues, the waiver process does not include a feature that puts all players on waivers until Wednesday.  Instead, it’s the fastest finger method.  Get to the computer before someone else and you get your guy.  While the rest of your league enjoys the game, you though ahead and grabbed the injured starters replacements.  Will it pay off in the end?  Hard to say in the case of Cassell, surely the Patriots will be looking outside for a new QB for the year.  Keep and eye on Daunte Culpepper.  Here are the up’s and down’s of week 1.

Performed as expected:

Anyone on the Dallas Cowboys.  Yes, you heard me say it.  Marion Barber left the game in the 2nd half because of a rib injury…negative on the X-ray but if Felix Jones is still available in your league, you will need to get him as your handcuff.  Terrel Owens looked like Owens and Tony Romo looked sharp.  Can’t decide on whether or not to make that trade you had proposed to you?  Tell them to add Jason Witten.  Witten went over 100 on Sunday and that should be the norm.  Supposedly Cleveland is a very good team this year…you wouldn’t know it.

Brian Westbrook and Donovin McNabb:  Both Westbrook and McNabb did not disappoint but realize this, they played the Rams and the Rams are not a very good football team.  

Drew Brees and Reggie Bush– While Brees shined with 3 touchdowns, Marques Colston didn’t catch a pass and Robert Meachem was left without a catch as well.  Bush on the other hand combined for around 160 yards with 51 on the ground and 112 in the air along with 1 touchdown.

Reggie Wayne – Wayne and Harrison both preformed well and Wayne was probably the only thing that was normal on a bad night to open the Colts new stadium.  Wayne went over a 100 yards and scored a touchdown…o.k. maybe that is a bit below his norm.

Ben Rothlisberger – Ben had a typical 2 TD day but the real story for Pittsburgh was the running game that saw Willie Parker put up 3 touchdowns.  Parker slipped in many leagues amid fear of the Steeler offensive line.  Houston was supposed to be a better defensive unit this year….it didn’t show.

Expect more or exception to the week?

Michael Turner – O.k. so the Falcons played the Lions but the fact that Turner put up 220 yards and 2 touchdowns is a reason to be optimistic but realize that the Falcons are not going to play the Lions every week. – for now an exception.  

Desean Jackson – The rookie WR posted a 100 plus game on 6 carries leading the Eagles in receiving.  While they were playing the Rams, McNabb has found a new target that should produce these types of numbers all year long….and he is available right now in many leagues – Norm.

Phillip Rivers – 3 touchdowns was not enough to get the Chargers in the win column.  The defense faltered when it mattered most and the Chargers squandered a 97 yard effort by Tomlinson and the touches by Rivers.  The Chargers offense should do this weekly.  – Norm.

Dante Rosario – The Panthers TE scored the winning touchdown against SD as time ran out in the back of the endzone.  Panther QB Jake Delhomme threw to him 7 times for just under a buck in yards.  He is still available in probably every league and could be worth a look in deeper leagues.  Steve Smith with will be back in two weeks.  – Exception.

You need to get this guy

Matt Cassel – With Tom Brady shelved the rest of they year, Cassel is the man who will try and lead the team. If you are in a “waiver” style league, you should put in a claim for him, but so will every other team as well so your waiver priority will hold the key to his destination.  If you miss on him, keep an eye on Daunte Culpepper who could come out of “retirement” to rejoin Moss in NE.

Matt Forte – Against a defense that was supposed to be good, Forte ran for a 123 yards on 23 carries and added 3 more touches through the air scoring once for the Bears.  Forte is not a likely free agent in any league, but might be worth an add on in a trade.

Dissappointed and worried

Maurice Jones-Drew – Taken in the 2nd round in most leagues, Drew carried the ball only 5 times and caught the ball on 4.  Fred Taylor did little better.  The Jaguars offensive line did not fair well against the stout defensive front of the Titans.

Peyton Manning – The rust of missing the off-season actually showed in the man that has never looked rattled.  Manning was a monumental disappointment in the Colts week 1 loss to the Bears.  While he posted a 257 yard night, he only threw for 1 touchdown and the high-potent Colts offense produced a paltry 13 points.

Carson Palmer – It may be a sign of the Bengals offense, Palmer threw for a whopping 99 yards.