To Think I Could Have Done This Instead


So I get inundated with hate mail from a bunch of Patriot fans who think that the “British Invasion” has to do with the Revolutionary war and not The Beatles, and to everyone else “Revolution” means one of their albums.  I get hate mail because I poked fun at the media for making Tom Brady’s injured knee out to be similar to the death of Paul McCartney, a Beatle.  What I didn’t do however, was make fun of Tom Brady’s injury which is something that apparently was taken as such by the afformentioned Cheatriot Patriot fans.  To think that instead, I could have done this.  What would that message have been?

Apparently, the loss of Tom Brady has made many an NFL fan happy these days.  From Pittsburgh fans…who started the above site and T’s, to Indianapolis fans who of course now believe that the road to the Super Bowl will be a cake…pssst, you guys lost to the Bears in prime-time..badly!  Or how about the San Diego Charger fans who think that without Brady in their way, only they can beat themselves.  Hell, it’s not even just an AFC thing.  Without Tom Brady the Dallas Cowboys now believe that they should just start etching history into the Lombardi Trophy now.  Of course we can’t forget about the Jets who may be saying all the right things, but quietly you know they are smiling from ear to ear thinking they have the division locked.

So while I may have made a tongue in cheek reference to the passing of Tom Brady as it seemed was the case on Monday with all the coverage and “sky is falling” predictions, I at least didn’t have T-shirts printed up.  Now that is low….the prices of the T’s however are 13.95 if your wondering….how rude.

Let’s face it, the New England Patriots have hardly made fans over the last several years.  From pompous ass fans who think theirs don’t stink, to the head coach laughing at the NFL after Spygate and their very owner condoning the actions by giving him an extension only 2 weeks after the incident, sorry, but it has to be expected…albeit completely tasteless.  While I did not laugh when I saw the t’shirt, I realized that my own poking at the Tom Brady injury circus pales in comparison to what others will do instead.  All I can say is, I would hate to be the team that faces Tom and the Patriots to open up next season when he is healthy.