Anquan In Miami? Don't Bet On It


Earlier this morning, the Palm Beach Post, reported that Arizona Cardinal WR Anquan Boldin wants out of AZ and into Miami.  The south Florida native would be a huge upgrade in the Miami Dolphins passing game, but get it out of your head Anquan is not coming to Miami.

The Dolphins without question need a number 1 WR or for that matter a 100 percent legit number 2.  Boldin is both.  The Cardinals however will not trade the star receiver for anything less than a 1st and 2nd round draft pick.  During this past draft, 3 teams offered AZ 1st rounders and were shot down…do you think they give Miami a discount?

Miami also does not possess enough value on talent to offer one of their 2nd rounders and a player.  Ronnie Brown may be a dangling item but in reality, the Dolphins would fill one position and leave one vacant.  The Phins can’t afford to part ways with Brown right now.

That leaves very little.  The contract for Boldin runs in 2010 which means that next year, his contract year, he will try mightily to get out of town in search of a better contract.  A logical destination for Boldin is Miami due to the fact that he is from the Miami area.

All of this started earlier this week when Boldin’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus said that Anquan wanted to play for Miami on a local radio show.

"“Clearly we have been pushing the team for a trade. … He’d look nice in a Dolphin uniform, huh?” – Rosenhaus on September 4th, 2008“We mentioned this last week, but there’s a guy that (the Dolphins are) playing against that wouldn’t mind being in a Dolphins uniform in Anquan Boldin. … It’s a shame that he’ll be wearing a Cardinals uniform against the Dolphins, than the other way around.” – Rosenhaus this past Thursday – Palm Beach Post VIA WQAM Am 560 with Joe Rose."

While the thought of a top flight WR is appealing and many fans would give up a 1st round pick in a heartbeat for the 27 year old, the fact is that Miami won’t.  This is a team that is desperately trying to build through the draft and frankly, they can’t do that if they don’t have the picks.  While Anquan may be worth the price, the question is whether Bill Parcells thinks he is worth the price.