The Blame Is All On You Dolphins Fans…Idiots!


Thanks a lot.  I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since the mid-70’s and now after all these years of BS coaching and mismanagement of the team, bad personnel decisions, and now yet another opening season loss, I find out that all of you freaking so called Dolphins fans are to blame…IDIOTS!

Oh, did you not get the memo?  Apparently, at least one of the Miami Herald writers is pointing his finger at the fans instead of in the mirror.  Apparently, the media who likes to stir up as much garbage as they can so that they can get “page hits” are not taking the blame for the miserable knee jerk reactions to a loss to the Jets.  It’s your fault.  

According to Israel Gutierrez over on the Miami Herald, fans are losing site of the goal that this team has…improvement during a rebuild.  Is this guy serious?  As a matter of fact he is.  He points out the obvious of course, frustration over losing, coaching changes, and the like.

In his article, Israel had this to say in regards to the changes made this off-season, specifically losses like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas:

"And it is OK if that meant uncertainty in the immediate future, as long as the big picture remained in focus and progress was noted.One game into the regular season, and those concepts of patience and trust have joined Dolphins fans on the ledge.Oh, my God, Ted Ginn Jr. is still not good.Ricky and Ronnie combined for 16 touches and 46 yards. The worst possible thing has happened.Ernest Wilford was inactive for the game. What a colossal misstep.It is amazing how one loss can bring with it such a disproportionate amount of concern, criticism and panic."

While to some degree he is right in the sense that across message boards today you will read a million thread titles that Ginn is in fact a bust, that Wilford is a monumental waste of 6 million dollars, and Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown can’t do a thing.  What he fails to point out is that his own paper is majorly responsible for the outlandish talk.  He need to look no further than his own co-staffer Armando Salguero and his blogs to read the doom and gloom.

See I don’t know about you, but all of us, myself included on most occasions are the full mercy of the local Miami media whether it be the Herald, the Palm Beach Post, or the Sun-Sentinel.  We rely on those reporters for who is where on the depth chart and who is catching passes and dropping them.  So when we, both blog writers and fans read those reports we tend to formulate an opinion based off of them in the abscense of being able to watch for ourselves.  So if we are “dooming and glooming” the season to date, is it not because Joe Professional Journalist wrote an article that says Ernest Wilford sucks and Ted Ginn can’t run a good route?

Izzy goes on to say this as well:

"That is why previous Dolphins regimes never had the ability to do the right thing and rebuild entirely. Pressure, whether internal or external, forced the decision-makers to place Band-Aids on gaping gashes and hope no one noticed the blood spilling all over one side of the field. There was no way they would get away with the extreme makeover that was necessary. Not if they still wanted to get paid."

I may be wrong with his intended comments here, but considering that he is posing the question that this is even partially my fault, I think I am entitled to a little leeway.  It seems to me that now I can be blamed for the 1-15 season as well because I wanted to see John Beck at QB last year, or because one of my readers wanted to see anyone other than Trent Green I can now Email him and place blame.

Another great comment directed at you and I:

"Meanwhile, the amateur critics are finding failures in a Week 1 loss to the New York Jets and calling them flawed decisions from the men in charge."

So while Izzy stands on his pedestal and points his finger at you for overreacting maybe he should turn his attention and his finger, whichever one would be appropriate, on another of his co-workers instead…but then again, I doubt Izzy reads Salguero either.

I have challenge Israel Gutierrez to further explain his rationality for these comment VIA my personal Email address or on this website.  While I doubt that he will accept the invitation to attempt to prove me wrong here that you the fans are not remotely responsible for the opinions whether negative or positive.  This team is in rebuilding mode, and I for one know my readers and my level of knowledge of this team and I believe it is safe to say that we all acknowledge that wins will be at a premium this year.  What we are not is stupid idiots who rubber neck the accident at the first sign of trouble calling for heads to roll and players to get cut…we tend to wait until some foolish journalist tells us to.   Of course who am I say to anything, clearly I am but an amateur while Izzy is a “Professional”…which is why until this article, I had never heard of him before.