5 Star Fan Site: Shed Dawgs


For the next week or so, I will be featuring a 5 star fan site mini-biography.  These are the Miami Dolphins fans sites that are unique and a cut above other fan sites of the NFL.  While each fan site covers the Miami Dolphins, each has a unique way of bringing you the information you need.  Whether through personal experience, insider connections, opinions, or other, each of the sites that will be put up here are their own.  They are my 5 star collection of Miami Dolphins fan sites.  Why?  Well simply because there is no such thing as too much information…when it comes to the Miami Dolphins.  Today…The ShedDawgs!

"The Most Easterly Miami Dolphins Fan Site In North AmericaThe Shed Dawgs Web Site was created to display and encourage theenthusiasm and dedication we show each week in watching our beloved MiamiDolphins.  The site was originally known as Tailgate Inc.Although we are situated in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, which is over 2100miles from Pro Player stadium, we still believe in celebrating each gameto the fullest. The members of Tailgate Inc have become known as the ShedDawgs, as each week we all pile into Mike’s Shed to watch the game. TheShed Dawgs have grown over the past several years and continues to do soeach season. Each year we add, modify and remodel the shed and it’ssurroundings in order to continue improving the Pre-Game, Game andPost-Game experience. Some of the additions included an add on for thefridge, Dolby Digital Surround Sound and a 92″ HDTV projector. The shedalso has a computer with high speed Internet, a live web cam broadcastduring Dolphins games and a Toll Free number to call the Shed during gameday.In 2006, the Shed Dawgs saw three members take part in the 3rd AnnualMiami Dolphins Web Weekend hosted by the Miami Dolphins. The Shed Dawgshold the distinction of being the only Canadian based website toparticipate in the Dolphins Web Weekend. The Dawgs were featured on NBC’sFins TV as well as local Newfoundland television station NTV. The Dawgswere also the subject of pieces in Newfoundland’s largest paper, TheTelegram and St. John’s / Mount Pearl publication, The Express. The Dawgswere at the Web Weekend in 2007 and plan on being there this year as well."

That is why the ShedDawgs are one of my 5 star fan rated sites!