Could Ted Ginn Reunite With Cameron?


There is a rumor making it’s way around “Dodge City” these days that offensive coordinator and former Miami Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron is looking for a deep threat WR.  According to at least one report, Cameron is bending the ear of Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome about acquiring a deep threat for his offense.  On name that has obviously been linked in the rumor is…Ted Ginn.

The Miami Dolphins fans all know to well the love affair that Cam Cameron has with Ted Ginn, and of course his family.  It goes without saying that the OC would want his 9th overall pick from last year to join him in the city of “Poe“.

While there is no word out of the Dolphins facility that they would entertain any offers in a trade for the 2nd year WR, it is evident by the playing time that Ginn receives that he is not in the immediate plans for the team. Ginn is no longer used in the punt return department or on kick-offs and while he is listed as the number 1 WR on the Phins depth chart, he is almost non-existent.

Should the Ravens call and inquire about Ginn, the Dolphins will have to likely make a one time decision on their plans for him.  Wait it out and see if he develops or trade him now while they can as his value may only further decline.

The logical question would be, “what kind of compensation would the team get back?”.  While Ginn surely will not bring in a first round draft pick, it is not out of the realm of possibility to see the Ravens pony up a 2nd rounder.  Especially given the high impression of Cam Cameron on the WR.

With the NFL mandated trade deadline approaching next month, the Dolphins seem content to let Ginn sit back and learn rather than show what he can or can not do.  Perhaps this is a sign that the team does not want others to see what they perhaps already know, thus keeping a higher possibility of return on Ginn.

Either way, whether the rumor is true or not, one thing is for certain, they are not going to die anytime soon, especially as long as Cameron will be asking about getting another deep threat WR.