5 Star Fan Site: Bitchin' Dave's


We continue today with our series on the, Phinphanatic, 5 Star Fan Sites.  

Today, we look at the guy they call “Bitchin“.  

Bitchin Dave Kennedy that is.  Dave is one of the unique content providers of all Miami Dolphins fans sites.  Born and bred into the world of Miami Dolphins football, he brings his unique approach and insight into his site.  

This is Dave Kennedy.

"Bitchin’ Dave has been a fan of the Miami Dolphins all his life.  It seemed a natural fit, he was born in the same town as the Miami Dolphins in the same year as the Dolphins.  He’s enjoyed watching the team over the years, and has been an on-again, off-again season ticket holder at the Orange Bowl, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro-Player Stadium, and yes even Dolphins Stadium, and yes, Dave does know the final 3 are the same stadium.Like Howard Cosell, he never played the game, but during high-school and college, he became a student of the game.  He learned as much as he could about coaching, strategy, technique, assignments, and even the passing tree.  He became a knowledgeable fan, and spent a couple of seasons charting every play the Dolphins ran on offense and defense to build a computer simulation model that predicted playcalls.  Yes, it is geeky, but you can learn a lot from an activity like that.In the 1980’s, Dave used to provide commentary about the Dolphins latest performances to his friends, family, and anyone else who would listen.  In the very early ’90’s, Dave started an Email distribution of his thoughts.  Then, when the internet began, he decided to create a website that was devoted to his team using his thoughts about it.The concept grew over the years and eventually became “Dave’s Bitchin’ Look at the Miami Dolphins”.  It is an homage to the team and is presented with a fair amount of humor, with a tribute to an old Penn Jillete, of Penn and Teller fame, article about “owning” your computer, he owns this website.He has since hosted shows on Finsradio.net (heard on Friday nights) and manages to wrangle interviews with some of the players he has watched growing up.  The site and the internet has given him an outlet – and an audience – to talk about the Miami Dolphins. As he often will remind people, he is not one of the guys who sits in row 1 and paints his face, but he does provide a voice to the fans and for the fans….and that is why Bitchin Dave is a 5 Star Featured Site."

You can hear Dave and Michael Brothers every Friday night on the “Bitchin’ and the ShedDawg Show” and you can visit Bitchin Dave at http://bitchindave.com/dolphins.