Missing You


Ah the bye week.  The worst part of any season is the week when the Miami Dolphins do not play.  While in reality there is only one weekend without football, it’s clear that it seems more like 2 weeks.  Still, Sunday’s are days for football and although the Dolphins may not be playing today, there are some good games nonetheless.

Look on the bright side, while you and I may be missing the Dolphins today, it could be worse, we could be the New England Patriots who are off today as well….but of course they are spending theirs watching game film of the Dolphins whoop their ass.

5 games worth watching today:

Cleveland vs. Cincinnati:  While this game is simply two 0-3 teams trying to find their first win (one will today), the entertainment value in this game will be whether highly touted Brady Quinn gets into the game.  Derek Anderson who signed a pre-free agency contract extension has been nothing short of dismal this season showing once again how well some players can be in contract years.  If Anderson can’t get it together in this game, he may not have a starting job next week…of course with the Browns offensive line, Quinn likely won’t stay healthy for long.    

On the other coin, Carson Palmer is not playing that well either and the Bengals have no rushing threat to take pressure off the passing game.  This game may turn out to be a high scoring affair or a high-light reel for the next football follies segment.

Arizona vs. NY Jets:  The Jets got handed their second consecutive loss last weekend and they are desperately trying to figure out why their large inflated payroll isn’t paying off.  So far the Jets have only been able to beat Miami and that took a last second INT in the end-zone to fend off the come from behind win.  On the other side is the Arizona Cardinals who lost their first game last weekend when they were outplayed by the Washington Redskins.  Brett Favre is so much better than Jason Campbell but if you force him to throw when he doesn’t want to, picks should be able to change the game.  

This one looks like it could be a fun watch.  The combined age of the starting QB’s is over 70 and both are considered gunslingers.  This game should be a pass happy affair as neither team has done much in the running department.

Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay:  The “Bay of Pigs” game is no more.  This is a slug-fest.  Green Bay will turn to Aaron Rodgers to air it out and keep the TB defense from stacking the line against RB Ryan Grant.  Grant should get his 20 carries and Rodgers should get his 30 tosses.  Green Bay has looked just as good as last year when they had Brett Favre and their lone loss came last weekend to the Cowboys…and that was more of a defensive issue than an offensive one.

Brian Griese, yes I said Brian Griese, threw for 3 touchdowns last weekend and now appears to at least have a lock in hand on the job in Tampa.  He hasn’t been given the key for season but more solid performances will help.  At 2-1 as well, the Buc’s sit atop the division.  Where the Pack’ will try and air it out, the Bucs may be more content to try and drive the ball on the ground.

Philadelphia vs. Chicago:  The Eagles sit at 2-1 and the Bears are at 1-2.  Perhaps what is surprising about the Bears record is not the fact they won a game, but how well this team has actually played.  Their defense seems to be returning to form and Kyle Orton isn’t playing horribly.  While this team still has a long way to go and the fact they will be chasing Green Bay all year doesn’t help, but the Bears are not a bad football team and should give Philly some fits.

Philly may very well be facing the Chicago run stuffing defense without All-Pro and stud RB Brian Westbrook who hurt his ankle last week.  Westbrook has not practiced all week and he is not expected to contribute much on Sunday if anything.  In the end it will make for a closer game but a game that Philly should still win.

Minnesota vs. Tennessee:  The Titans are playing like their name.  Their defensive front has been stellar and their offense has played well too.  They will face the Minnesota Vikings who outside of one Mr. Peterson, has done nothing to give the Viking faithful much to get excited about and he will face a very good defensive front this weekend.  

The game gets good however because the Tennessee offensive attack will go against a very good front for the Vikings as well.  The secondary of the Vikings could be better but they should have no problems keeping the Titans matched-up.  This game should be a good one and may end up on the NFL Replay for the week.