4 C's


The Miami Dolphins are gearing up for their next “MIG”…most important game.  Hear are 4 C’s, not to be confused with the 5 Keys…which will be up tomorrow.

Crowder is ailing.  Channing Crowder of the Miami Dolphins missed practice on Wednesday when he complained of a sore knee.  While he managed to return to practice today, he did so in a limited role.  Crowder is being eased back into the mix of things as a precaution.  In the event that Crowder will not be able to play on Sunday, LB Akin Ayodele will move over to take his spot.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 against the Dolphins in KC the last 3 times the teams have face off in KC.  The Dolphins will try and stop a very strong rushing attack and will also face the first real team that utilizes a version of the Wild Cat.

Carl Peterson officially announced his resignation earlier this week which led half of the mid-United States to issue rare earthquake warning from the jumping up and down of thousands of KC fans.  The same roar is expected to be heard when Herm Edwards gets fired in two weeks.  While Peterson was not overly liked by the players, it will be interesting to see if the Chiefs pull one of those “win one for the Gipper” games to send off with at least one victory…or in an attempt to save their HC’s job.

There is cold and then there is Cold.  There is Buffalo, NY cold, New England Cold, Green Bay frozen tundra cold, cold coffee, and the occassional cold shoulder from the wife.  The Dolphins have rarely faced really cold.  In fact, to date the coldest game on record was a 14* clear day in New England way back in 1977.  Of course the Phins lost.  Looking back at history, the Phins have played in 9 sub 26* weather winning 3.

’82 – New England (L) – 22 Deg

’85 – Green Bay (w) – 23 Deg

’88 – Pittsburgh (L) – 23 Deg

’89 – KC (L) – 23 Deg

’92 – NE (W) – 23 Deg

’79 – Pittsburgh (L) – 24 Deg

’02 – Buffalo (L) – 25 Deg

’06 – NE (W) – 25 Deg

Ironincally, the coldest game Miami has ever played at home was a 40 degree affair against the, you guessed it, Kansas City Chiefs.  The Dolphins lost the game by 3.  It was in 1989.  This weekend, the weather report is putting the game close to the 10 degree mark which would make it the coldest game that the Dolphins have ever played in.  While the skies are not expected to dump snow (expected for Saturday) wind is supposed to be an issue which should drop the “feels like” temperature closer to the single digits.