Way Back When…As In To This Past Off-Season


The Miami Dolphins took on a new look last off-season.  Bill Parcells came in and cleaned house.  Hired his guys and then canned half the teams players and brought in his style of football.  He got rid of losers and brought in guys from winning teams dipping heavily into the talent pool of the Dallas Cowboys.  Then, the one piece he apparently couldn’t find came to him wrapped in a ribbon and a bow.  A green and white one.

Chad Pennington was a Parcells guy, he is a Parcells guy and when the Jets cut him in favor of the bigger named Brett Favre, Parcells wasted no time bringing in the veteran.  Gone was Josh McCown and gone were the dropped passes that plagued the Phins through training camp.  

Pennington was the easy choice for Parcells, but not all of them were.  Looking back to this past offseason and back to the last post-season appearence we find the irony is a little more intriguing afterall.

Zach Thomas was released outright and signed days later with the Dallas Cowboys…the Cowboys missed the playoffs.

Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, Jason Ferguson, Nate Jones, and Tony Fasano were all taken from the Dallas Cowboys…the Cowboys missed the playoffs.

Jason Taylor dazzled television audience and made women swoon while he danced his way out of Miami and to the contending Washington Redskins…the Redskins missed the playoffs.

Brett Favre came out of retirement and in doing so left Pennington heading to Miami…the Jets missed the playoffs.

Now comes the return of last years head coach for the 2nd time this season.  Cam Cameron returns to Miami as the OC for the wildcard Baltimore Ravens.

In 2002 the Miami Dolphins played their last playoff game…it was a loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The season for the Dolphins is not over.  These Phins are not the same Dolphins that lost to the Ravens earlier this season and while the Ravens defense is one of the best, the Phins may find themselves in a bitter defensive battle that could allow the Phins to move further in the playoffs.

Next Sunday the game will kick-off in Miami.  Tickets will go on sale at 9:00 AM with prices as low as 46 bucks.  They are not expected to last long.  This past off-season the Miami Dolphins asked us to believe.  We weren’t sure exactly what we were supposed to believe in but we went along with the promise that the future may finally start looking brighter…I don’t think anyone really believed it would happen this soon.