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Carl Peterson Joining The Dolphins? Say It Ain't So


Adam Schefter of is reporting, maybe speculating is a better word, that former Kansas City Chief President Carl Peterson could reteam with his close friend and new Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross.

It’s also being reported on several local news sites as well.  In fact, one of those points out that Peterson was at the Dolphins/Ravens game on Sunday, on the sideline, wearing a Dolphins pin on his lapel, and referring to the Phins as “we”.  Not a good sign at all.

The Dolphins finally appear headed in the right direction but that apparently could be changing.  Peterson was applauded when he finally turned his resignation into the Chiefs…not for the work he had done, but for actually leaving.

Here is what Adam Schefter had to say, and let me just say….I truly hope that King Carl comes nowhere near Miami.
The Kansas City Chiefs are throwing a grand going-away party for general manager Carl Peterson on Tuesday. Those who attempt to figure out where he will surface next need to look to the Stars.
The last owner of the USFL’s Baltimore/Philadelphia Stars franchise, for which Peterson was the president and GM, was Stephen M. Ross.
The same Stephen M. Ross who’s about to become the Miami Dolphins’ new owner.
Since the time they worked together in Philadelphia, Ross and Peterson have remained close. Their relationship dates well over 20 years. Peterson led the Stars to a 48-13-1 record and was twice selected as the USFL Executive of the Year.
Some in the Chiefs’ organization have maintained all along that Ross would provide Peterson with his golden parachute out of Kansas City, with Peterson not the type of individual to simply walk away from the game.
Multiple league sources believe that one day, possibly sooner rather than later, Ross will hire Peterson to help run his Dolphins franchise. What makes this scenario so intriguing is the recent word that Bill Parcells has a clause in his contract that would allow him to walk away from Miami, with salary, if the franchise changed hands from Wayne Huizinga, as it’s about to do.
If Parcells goes, Peterson is the logical successor. Even if Parcells stays, Ross might want to bring aboard Peterson anyway, which could create a lot of cooks in the kitchen.
Parcells got away from the drama in Dallas. But he could face more in Miami.