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Sale Of Phins Could Be On Hold


According to speculation, and I use the word speculation because of the source, but is saying that the sale of the Miami Dolphins to Stephen M. Ross, may be on hold.  The team is owned mutually by Wayne Huizenga and Ross but Mr. H. has the controlling interest.  45% of Wayne’s interest in the team was supposed to be sold off to Ross within days of the teams season ending.  Something that still has not transpired.

According to PFT and other sources, Ross has been trying to find the final investors to secure the remaining 500 million it would take to seal the deal (no word on how much is actually not in hand).  If this is true, and it does appear to be correct, Wayne H. may delay the sale of the team until after the 2009 season instead although that is my own speculation.  It would make sense for Wayne to hold off that final sale as it would allow him another season controlling the one enterprise he truly loves.  The Miami Dolphins.  Wayne has stated on several occasions that he truly does not want to sell the team but fears what might happen in the long run should the team be turned over to his family and he also has cited the financial loss he could take by not doing so before President Obama takes office.

Further bringing into question the validity of these “speculations” is the fact that the federal government has been petitioned by one Stephen M. Ross and his Related Co. have asked for bailout money from the Treasury Department.  According to a NY Post article, Ross is at the top of the list of some developers asking Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson for some relief.

This brings up the question of where Ross’s money is.  Can he truly afford to buy a football franchise at this time while seeking bailouts from the Feds?  While there is nothing wrong or even remotely slighting about trying to gain investors to buy the team, having his own company tied up into a situation that bares a bailout queerie could lend some credence to the rumor of the sale being put on hold.

Only a few short days after more speculation ran rampant over the Dolphins news wire concerning the eventual hiring of former Chiefs President Carl Peterson, Peterson who deflected questions about his imminent arrival quickly changed his tune a day later saying that he would not be joining the Phins.  In addition it was Wayne Huizenga who Bill Parcells turned to the day after the teams playoff exit to brief on where the owners money would be spent in free agency and prior to.  It was Wayne who gave Bill the go ahead to do whatever he wanted.  You would think that it might have been deferred in some way to Ross had the sale been a matter of a day or two away.

Ross is still the owner of the Dolphins, he has 50 % of the team but until he can line-up the remaining investors that are needed, the team will not change hands, which could keep Wayne Huizenga controlling the team for what fans would now prefer to be another year.  If Wayne does stay in control of the team, Bill Parcells does not have an out for his contract aside from retirement which is not likely as Parcells does actually like working with and not for Wayne Huizenga.

It’s funny that a little over a year ago, many fans couldn’t wait for Wayne to get rid of the team, now after what the team has done in that year, many fans don’t want him to leave at all.