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From NY To Arizona


The New York Jets have a new head coach and the Arizona Cardinals…excuse me, the Super Bowl headed Arizona Cardinals have a new head case.  Both may have some impact on the Miami Dolphins and the off-season that is begins February 27th.

For the Jets, Baltimore Ravens DC Rex Ryan wasted no time signing his deal following his team elimination from the playoffs.  The Ravens had the number 2 defense this season and have been one of the top D’s in the NFL for the last 5 years.  Ryan will inherit a Jets defense that is already big on talent and names but low on unity and polish.  

He will now have to deal with the Brett Favre saga and an anemic offense that has more ups and downs than Sandusky, Oh. amusement park Cedar Point.  Ryan will coach for what is close to an 11 million dollar deal and immediately becomes the ire of Jets nation.  While they will love the move now, the cropduster faithfull have no patience and will be calling for his head after the first Jets loss.

While the Jets deal with their new Head Coach and prepare for the official introductory press conference, Arizona Cardinals executives are scratching their heads of the behavior of standout WR Anquan Boldin who bolted the field and the locker-room following the Cardinals win over the Eagles that advances them to their first Super Bowl in team history and their first Championship as the “Cardinals” since 1927.

Boldin, injured with a nagging hamstring in the playoffs, made his return with a 4 catch 34 yard effort while fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald posted over 150 yards and 3 TD’s on 9 receptions.  Boldin was seen on the sidelines complaining to OC Todd Haley.  Boldin fled the field when the final second ticked off and was out the back door before some of the players got off the ticker taped field.

Haley has a history of sideline confrontations with WR’s.  Haley has had a run in with Terrell Owens who has had a sideline run in with everyone.

Boldin has been unhappy with the franchise and his lack of a new contract which nets him roughly 4 mill per year.  He requested a trade prior to the start of the season and was denied.  He responded with a highly productive season.  Boldin will enter the final year of a 4 year deal that he signed in 2005.  He will likely seek an off-season trade once again.

The Cardinals will likely try and trade the disgruntled WR as they can not afford to “tag” him after his contract runs out and they can’t afford to sign him to a new deal after signing Larry Fitzgerald to a 70 million dollar extension prior to the start of this season.

Boldin is a South Florida native who could be sought after by the Dolphins brass.  He has not had any personal issues prior to this season and isn’t regarded as a trouble maker.  The Phins will want to examine their WR situation and a trade is not out of the question, especially if Parcells and company can figure out how to do it without committing to high draft picks.  A package of a day 2 pick and players could possibly net the team the WR they have been seeking.

The question is do they want him enough to make the move.  That will be much debated question after the season ends.  One thing is for certain, Boldin has done himself no favors with his dissappearing act on Sunday.

In other Dolphins related news, former DC Dom Capers has signed on with the Green Bay Packers as the same.