So this is it.  The Final ga..."/>

  So this is it.  The Final ga..."/>

Super Sunday


So this is it.  The Final game of the season (Pro-Bowl don’t count).  The Arizona Cardinals will face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers shortly after 6PM Eastern time.  The Super Bowl is watched by more people around the world than any other event and any other yearly broadcast.  It dwarfs the World Series and it dwarfs the Oscars which has international interest.  It is nothing less than Super.

For fans of the other 30 teams it is simply a reason to hold on to one more football Sunday.  One more pick-em, lay down one more bet.  It’s also the start of the official free agency countdown which now starts in 26 days.  For the fans of the two remaining teams, it’s all about the show.

So who will win this “Super” event?  Arizona will.  You can ride that one to the bank…or fly them there.

Sorry Pittsburgh, I won’t try and mince my words and say you will keep it close and you will put up a gallant fight.  I won’t disrespect you so much to try and be polite for the sake of your feelings.  The Steelers have had a great season.  A GREAT season.  No mistakes about that and that is something I won’t take away from you.

Of all the AFC teams who made the playoffs, Pittsburgh was the toughest on both sides of the ball.  Still, when it is all said and done, and after today it will be, the Steelers have not seen the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals are that rare team of high-powered offense and much improved defense that has clicked at the right time.  Their offense is fast, almost too fast.  Stop Fitzgerald and you get burned by Boldin.  Stop Fitz and Boldin and you get burned by Breaston, stop all 3 and they will throw it to Hightower out of the backfield.  The only way to stop their offense is to stop Kurt Warner…and that isn’t easy.

I could go into a serious breakdown of each side of the ball, the defense vs. each offense and vice versa.  I could publish stats and images, and outline game play trends and what Pittsburgh’s D can do to stop Warner and what the AZ D can do to stop Big Ben and the rushing attack of the Steelers.  Frankly, I don’t want to.  I want to be a football fan.

I want to sit back and listen to the 100 guests on ESPN and NFL Network talk about stuff like scissor routes and gap 2 coverages.  I want to listen Chris Berman talk to the camera like he is talking into a mirror.  I want to listen to Rich Eisen talk about how a few days ago he caught the 14 yard pass from Drew Brees to break Dan Marino’s single season record…even though Brees needed 16 yards.

So for those of you who want breakdowns there really is only one place to go, well two places actually. a Pittsburgh site of course and the Cardinals site.  Check them both out throughout the day.

Final prediction?  Easy, Arizona 37 – Pittsburgh 17.  Sorry Pitt, no steel in today’s defense.