The name "Boldin" alone makes many Miami Dolphins ..."/> The name "Boldin" alone makes many Miami Dolphins ..."/>

Is Miami Looking At Boldin?


The name “Boldin” alone makes many Miami Dolphins fans begin to bristle.  When the name is rumored to be connected with the Dolphins and is followed by “trade”, those same fans begin to get giddy like an 5 year old on Christmas eve.  So what can be taken from the “rumors” that Boldin is in fact on the trade block and are the Phins really interested in him?

While it’s hard to say, lets start with a couple of the rumors.  It was reported last week on a Miami Dolphins forum that Anquan Boldin‘s name was mentioned on a radio show in Arizona that had the Cardinals in talks with the Phins about moving the stud WR.  It was also “posted” elsewhere that Miami was a possible landing spot for Boldin.  I also received a message on my Facebook page that Boldin would be a Dolphin by the end of this week.  A “Bold” prediction they told me.  That person is the writer for the Fan-Sided Networks’ RaisingZona site.  Something he has yet to publish on his own site.  So why would I bring it up here?

Hear it once and you dismiss it. Hear it twice and you start to think.  The 3rd time you wonder if where there is smoke there is fire.  Now, it seems that the blogosphere are not the only ones thinking that Boldin may join the Phins, or for that matter are at the very least pondering the possibilities.

The Palm Beach Post is asking its readers if the Dolphins should make a play.  Both the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald have also written about the subject.  Could there be any reality to the issue without getting hopes up?  In short…sure, why not?

The Dolphins possess a need at WR in two forms.  One a guy who can get off the line, is physically tough, and a legit threat every time he touches the ball.  In other words, a true number 1 WR.  Number 2, they lack any form of veteran leadership on the team at that position.  Tony Sparano says WR is a luxury right now and to a degree he would be right.  Still, the need factor is a gray area that can easily be hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

The cost is an issue of course.  Both the new contract that Boldin would want plus the compensation that the Cardinals would receive.  The contract you can’t do much about.  He wants to get paid and someone will whether he gets traded, franchised next year, re-signed, or hits the free agent market.  The cost of the trade…maybe that won’t be as expensive as some believe.

Consider that most “NFL experts” believe that the cost of a trade could be something on the line of a 1st (25th) and a 3rd…possibly more.  We all know that Bill Parcells values draft picks and have more needs than just WR.  So would they truly give up a 1 and a 3 for Boldin?  Not likely.  In fact, I think that they could get him for a 2nd round pick this year and a pick next year or a player instead of that 2010 pick.  The Cardinals could use a WR to replace Boldin and the Phins have a few that could help the Cards add some youth.

The Phins also have a defender or two that could be thrown over to AZ or a center who appears to be without a job right now…Satele.  No, I’m not speculating on value here but rather the fact that there are options that would not tie the Phins to multiple draft picks.  With each day that goes by and Boldin is a Cardinal, the asking price will eventually come down a bit.

The reasons for the Phins not making a trade are a bit more numerous but the real reason is the same as those that the team might find intriguing.  Money and compensation.  If the Cardinals hold on to a 1 and a 3 comp demand, the Phins will likely bow out before it ever gets started.  If they can’t or will not be allowed to work out a new deal with Boldin prior to a trade, they may find themselves dealing with the same situation that the Cards are now.  The Phins won’t likely make a play unless a new deal can be done.

The Cardinals would be smart not to move Boldin until either the night before the draft or during the draft.  Once the draft is over, the demand will decrease until training camps open and injuries begin to occur.

For now, there is nothing concrete and in fact the rumors themselves are rather thin.  In fact, they are rather anorexic.  Is Miami looking at Boldin?  I don’t think even Boldin knows that right now.