It's hard sometimes to find the time to scour the internet for every piece of information..."/> It's hard sometimes to find the time to scour the internet for every piece of information..."/>

I Know…I Suck & The Phins Are Looking At Another CB


It’s hard sometimes to find the time to scour the internet for every piece of information or something to spark an original idea to write about.  I pride myself in being able to find anything to write about in the off-season so that when you visit the site I have something new and while not always informative, I hope at least entertaining…or vice-versa.  However, I realize that over the last day or two, I have shirked those responsibilities…and yes, I know, I suck.

See the issue is that I ran out and upgraded my old 5G Ipod to a 16gb Itouch and frankly, I haven’t been able to stop playing with it.  Despite my abnormally high volume of songs which include every song recorded by Captain and Tennille…o.k. I’m kidding…I only have one of theirs and no it’s not “Musrat Love“.  I do however have over 1400 songs but the real joy is now I have figured how to access my mail, this site, and all my news sources.  

So I got them saved and can access them almost anywhere…at least wherever there is Wi-Fi.  Now that you know why I have failed to update my recent articles, I got some good news.  The Miami Dolphins are looking at another CB.  While many feel this kid is for depth.  I think there could be something special beneath that surface.

I call it Andre’ Goodman in waiting.  We all remember how we were ready to kick Goodman to the curb last year until he suddenly “got it”.  Well, DeMarcus Faggins may be that guy.  At 29 years old he is right at that age restriction that the Phins seem to have imposed on free agents.  He has started 36 games over 7 years for the Houston Texans.  He will come in and compete with recently signed CB Eric Green and returning veteran and “looking like a bust” Jason Allen.  

Why do I like this guy?  Simple.  He plays.  He is a roll player who plays and will push the guys around him to get better.  He is not an elite CB and likely won’t be.  Andre’ Goodman wasn’t either but one year with Todd Bowles tutoring and suddenly Goodie was an important cog.  If the Dolphins do sign Faggins, keep an eye on him if he makes the final roster.  He will, if nothing else, compete for a job.

In draft news, the Dolphins have scheduled a private workout with Florida WR Percy Harvin.  Harvin is considered a first round WR and while it’s unlikely that Harvin would fall to the 25 spot, nothing is out of the question.  Still, Harvin seems more like a slot receiver than a number 1 wide-out.  According a writer on the Sun-Sentinel.

Here is what ESPN had to say about Faggins…taken from the Armando Salguero blog on the Herald.  Yes, I’m too lazy to look it up myself as I am going back to play with the new toy.

“He has been an on again, off again, starter for the Texans in the previous six years. He is a good athlete with quick feet and fluid, supple hips that he can flip to open and run with receivers, as they get even with him. He is quick in transition and drives on the ball with a decent burst of acceleration. He can be beat by speedy receivers on fly patterns and needs to bail out early when he thinks receivers are going to try and just run by him. He is a smart corner who shows good route recognition when in off coverage and does a good job of reading the quarterback’s eyes to get a jump on the ball from zone. He can struggle to make a play on the ball, when lined up on bigger receivers and seems to find his success when lined up on the inside slot receivers. While he can line up and start at corner, he is best suited as a nickel back who covers the inside routes.”