Jason Taylor Watch Begins


The Miami Dolphins told Jason Taylor they wanted to wait until after the draft to decide whether or not to bring back the veteran DE.  A year ago, the draft weekend ended with Jason Taylor still a Dolphin and the trade watch began.  This year, the Jason Taylor watch begins again.

Traded for a 2nd round pick that ultimately was used on WV QB Pat White in this past weekends draft, Taylor was released by the Redskins for his lack of wanting to participate in their off-season conditioning programs.  Among other things.  Jason never really lived up to the hype in Washington after spending his entire career in S. Florida.

This year, Taylor isn’t dancing with the stars.

Adding fuel to this years watch is the fact that the Dolphins did nothing to improve their outside pass rush in the draft.  While adding 3 members to the secondary, 2 WR’s, and some Oline help, along with the aforementioned White, it wasn’t until round 7 that the Dolphins selected a LB, JD Folsom who not only was not expecting to get drafted but sees himself as an MLB.

Taylor would bring leadership and pass rushing ability to a team that early this off-season said was a priority.  Turns out that the draft and free agency was not where they would look to find it.  According to several reports, the Jason Taylor camp would like to get a deal in place this week so that JT can start working out and getting up to speed with things.  Whether that contract is in Miami or some place else remains to be seen.

The other more talked about destination of course is in New England.  The Patriots did a lot of moving around over the weekend, but they too did not draft a player to fill their holes at the DE/OLB position where Jason would play.  It appears that the Dolphins and Patriots will be battling this off-season as well.

Two years removed from NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Taylor who is in his mid-30’s is reaching the end of his career.  While his horizon is approaching, the Dolphins know, as does the NFL, that Taylor can still put QB’s on their back and pressure them enought to make mistakes.  With the Dolphins holding the toughest schedule in the NFL this season, they may need all the help they can get.