Stephen Ross Is Drunk


Jimmy Buffet has made his life wasting away with margaritas and hamburgers in paradise.  Where paradise actually is a matter of ones own perception.  Apparently, his good friend Stephen Ross has been spending his recent south Florida days right along side him.  Not only is Ross trying to get Jimmy to become some sort of partner, but the beer that is served in Buffet’s restaurants will now be the name of the stadium where the Phins and Canes play.

Forget Ford Field.  Forget Qualcom and other names like Lincoln Financial and every other brand name sponsor of NFL, MLB, and NBA arenas and stadiums.  The Miami Dolphins will soon be playing in “Landshark Stadium“.  As in Landshark Lager.  As in what in the hell is Ross thinking?  Ross must be drunk.

The Dolphins went from Joe Robbie Stadium.  Fittingly named after the man who used his own money to break ground on the field.  Then, Robbie died and the name changed to Pro-Player Stadium.  Then Pro-Player died and the name changed to Dolphins Stadium.  Now, like a felon on the lam, the stadium once again will get a new facade makeover.

Troubling still is not the fact that when you tour the levels of Dolphins stadium, the signage is everywhere.  It was supposed to be it’s own brand.  Wayne Huizenga pulled no punches with tiles in the bathrooms showing the jumping two colored dolphin.  Will all that be replaced?  Dolphins Stadium which was supposed to be an international institution will be another sponsored Anheuser-Bush product.

Ross seems at times to have bit off more than he could chew.  It has been widely reported that he continues to try and sell small parts of the team to celebrities.  Jon Bon Jovi, Emilio’ Estefan, and the aforementioned Buffet.  Negotiations with other companies have apparently soured for now so Ross is taking up a short-term contract with Anheuser-Busch.

There are also reports that Jimmy Buffet will design a new “Margaritaville” themed section of the stadium.  It’s unknown if that will be a full style restaurant inside the stadium or a tailgate style party zone outside it.

Jerry Jones in Dallas created a rather large stir when shortly after taking over the Cowboys inked a deal with the Pepsi Company to sell Pepsi products at the stadium.  At the time, Coca-Cola was the NFL’s supplier of soft drinks and other products.  This re-naming will likely create a stir as well considering that the beer vendor for NFL stadiums is the Milwaukee based Miller Brewing Co.

While there is no word on whether the beer choices will change at “Landshark Lager Stadium”, it seems appropriate to at least offer the brand that will be emblazoned everywhere.

Ross still is looking for pieces of his management team.  Looking to add persons to the marketing side, the merchandising side, the stadium side, while leaving the day to day football operations to Bill Parcells.  It has to be asked however.  What happens when Bill Parcells leaves the team?  Ahhh yes, enter former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson.  

Peterson is taking a leave of football for this season for “personal reasons” that he attributes to his many years in the NFL.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Bill Parcells will likely on stick around for one more year.  Nothing.  Yeah right.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to pop another one with Steve and Jim after all they’re buying.