Jaime & Cara Go For The Million


Somewhere, presumably in south Florida, these two beautiful red-heads are sitting around talking about the amazing race they completed not too long ago.  I say completed because unlike all but 2 other couples on CBS’ “Amazing Race“, they will be one of the 3 finalists racing for a million dollars…which also means they will finish the race.  

Jaime and Cara are special.  Not because they are hot, or solid contestants, but because they were, Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.  I am an avid fan of reality based television.  I like to be spoonfed images of people who are thrust into difficult situations to see how they come out of it.  Survivor?  Yep, I’m a fan.  American Idol?  Yep, shamed to say.  So of course, as I have watched all but season one of “Race” this years competition has been a straight forward love fest with the two former cheerleaders.

Cara on the left, Jaime on the right.

My wife of almost 16 years rolled her eyes when I told her who they were and why I was rooting for them.  She doesn’t watch the show much but has, since that opening week come to root for the two as well.  I think she sees a lot of herself in Jaime.  I would tend to agree.

Cara is the softer spoken of the two although that really doesn’t say much.  Cara will surely blast a taxi driver and point out what needs to get done however she still has to take a backseat to the far more brash Jaime.  Jaime could care less what people think of her and she doesn’t hesitate to let her opinions be known.  Loudly at times.  Her insults fly out of her mouth with precision.  She won’t simply call you a name she will just make sure you know her displeasure.  But what would you expect, Jaime is a former police officer.

View their high-light videos here.

Neither women will hold back their thoughts when it comes to dealing with idiotic taxi drivers who can’t find their way around their own downtown streets.  Personally, I love them.  Seriously I do.  Maybe it’s because they were Dolphins cheerleaders.  Maybe because they are very attractive.  Probably more so because it’s exactly how I would see my wife if she were running it and why I would never want to run it with her.

In any event, I could honestly talk about them all day long, the two will finish out the race tonight starting at 8PM Eastern time.  The duo will begin the final leg in 3rd place but chances are a well placed trip to the airport will put all three remaining teams neck and neck when the re-enter the United States.

Competing against them is a mother and her deft son, who actually have been the allianced partner of the two women since the first leg of the race, and the other team is a brother and sister team who despite the fact each speak one of the dialects of Chinese, didn’t run away with the competition while in China.

Good luck Jaime and Cara!