Remembering A Titan


While many celebrated the 4th of July, the family of former Tennessee Titan Steve McNair began the task of dealing with his passing at the hands of an unknown gunman under unknown circumstances.  Was he the victim of an unfortunate situation of being at the wrong place at the wrong time or a victim of making the wrong decision?  Regardless of what the reasons behind his murder, tonight we all remember a titan.

Steve McNair was more than a 3 time pro-bowler.  He was the only QB to ever lead the Titans to a Super Bowl.  A leader and well respected, McNair was a hard fighting QB who could run the ball and learned to play beyond his limitations to make a career in the NFL as a starter proving some media skeptics wrong.

McNair rarely opened his mouth.  If he danced, he danced in victory and not in stats.  If he talked trash it was with a smile in spite of himself.  A tough competitor on the field, a leader in the locker-room, and a model citizen off the field.  He was the roll model that pro-athletes should be.

Details of his death are sketchy.  He reportedly was shot multiple times while the woman found beside him was shot once in the head.  Steve was found on his couch in a condo that he co-rents in Nashville, TN.  The woman, identified as 20 year old Sahel Kazemi was found close by.

The Nashville police have released little on the double murder but are ruling nothing out, including the possibility that McNairs’ wife Mechelle could be involved despite publicly stating she is “distraught” over the news.  The woman is being referred to as a friend.

ESPN earlier last night reported that the 20 year old woman was arrested for DUI a week or so ago while Steve McNair was riding in the passenger seat.  The vehicle was registered to both McNair and Kazemi.  Regardless of the reasons behind his death or the truth behind the relationship between himself and the woman, his death is nonetheless shocking.

Steve McNair was drafted 3rd overall by the then Houston Oilers in 1995.  He played for 13 seasons before retiring.  During his NFL career, Steve threw for over 31,000 yards and 116 touchdowns.  Perhaps one of his best remembered passes wasn’t for a TD by the one that came up one yard short of a Super Bowl winning drive.

Tomorrow, autopsies will be conducted on the two bodies and the police will continue their investigation.

Whether a fan of the Titans, the Oilers in his early years, or the Baltimore Ravens in his final 2, as a fan it was hard not to respect the man who always brought his best to the field.  Today, more than then NFL mourns his death.  More than his family.  Fans of the NFL mourn as well.  Steve is survived immediately by his wife and 4 children.

All of us here at send our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.  Rest in peace Mr. McNair.