Madden 2010 Miami Dolphins Player Rankings


It’s that time of year again when millions throw down their hard earned dough on ES Sports Madden NFL Football.  This year, the pricetag will be around 60 bucks but more importantly you don’t have to wait until the August 14th release date to know your Miami Dolphins individual player and team power rankings.  We have them right here right now.  All other teams are listed here.

The Dolphins finished atop the AFC East last year with an 11-5 ranking and division championship.  That was hardly enough for the boys and girls at EA to give the Dolphins any game cred.  The team is ranked with an overall rating of 77.  That is one more than the Buffalo Bills rating of 76, one less than the NY Jets’ 78.  The Patriots sit with an unreal 93.  The best rating on this years game.  The Patriots have held the best or one of the best ratings the last 5 years.

For Miami, the good news is that outside of the Madden universe, the rating means absolutely nothing and it will be interesting to see how the folks at EA have incorporated the Wildcat into the game and what schemes they have given defense to use against it…in particular the Patriots.

While this has zero affect on the real football season, it sure is fun to see what you can do online against Maddenites from around the world.  Whether your on XBox, PS3, PS2, or PSP, one thing is for certain…if you play, you likely have already payed.

A few players to note: Jason Taylor is listed as a DE and is rated 79 while Joey Porter is rated 94.  Brian Hartline is not listed on the teams roster but will likely be added after the first online update.  Only 9 players have ratings above 80.

Here are this years individual Miami Dolphins player ratings:

Position Name OVR

QB C. Pennington 85

QB C. Henne 66

QB P. White 65

RB R. Brown 89

RB R. Williams 77

RB P. Cobbs 67

FB L. Polite 71

WR T. Ginn 78

WR G. Camarillo 74

WR D. Bess 73

WR P. Turner 67

WR E. Wilford 65

WR B. London 62

TE A. Fasano 83

TE D. Martin 71

TE J. Haynos 68

OL J. Long 91

OL V. Carey 86

OL J. Smiley 85

OL J. Grove 81

OL A. Alleman 73

OL B. Frye 70

OL D. Thomas 67

OL R. Starks 67

OL I. Ndukwe 57

DL J. Taylor 79

DL J. Ferguson 76

DL K. Langford 71

DL P. Merling 69

DL T. McDaniel 67

DL P. Soliai 63

DL J. Cohen 60

DL L. Dotson 50

LB J. Porter 94

LB C. Crowder 81

LB A. Ayodele 71

LB M. Roth 67

LB C. Anderson 65

LB R. Torbor 65

LB W. Kershaw 58

LB Q. Moses 55

CB V. Davis 77

CB S. Smith 75

CB W. Allen 75

CB E. Green 70

CB J. Allen 65

CB C. Clemons 64

CB N. Jones 55

S G. Wilson 84

S Y. Bell 81

S C. Clemons 64

S T. Culver 64

S C. Bryan 63

K D. Carpenter 63

P B. Fields 60