Why Wait Until Tomorrow – Erin Andrews Still Hot Topic


UPDATE: For the purpose of this article alone, the numbers that were put in place to “test” the earlier theory, has now jumped to over 660 hits simply for the article that was titled below.  Amazing and shameful.  Sorry Miss Andrews for what you are going through.

So earlier, about an hour ago actually, I posted an article titled simply, Erin Andrews Nude.  Under the title in the body of the article I simply put tags such as her name naked and nude and also a simple line that said tomorrow I would explain why I did this.  There is no need to wait until tomorrow, Erin Andrews is still a hot topic.

1 hour ago, my website traffic was sitting around 40 on the day.  Thursdays are not a busy off-season day and usually my traffic spikes after 6PM.  Within a span of one hour, my traffic jumped to over 100 page visits.  Any guess as to why?  The time on page was less than 10 seconds as the viewers realized that there were no photos and no links to some raw video of her without clothes.  So why did I do this?  Simple, to show how absurd the Internet and blogging has become.

I often find myself tempted to put up the hot picture of the girl when I write an article about the Miami Dolphins TE’s.  See the connection?  There are so many reasons to throw up a half-naked girl in a bikini and yet I tend to refrain.  Why?  Simple, this is a sports page and while I have partaken in that type of posting in the past for the sake of numbers, I realize that women are also football fans and are also Dolphins fans.  Why should they not be treated with a little respect?  Would you want to see as a guy, pictures of men without shirts on?  Of course not.

When the Erin Andrews leaked video news broke, she and the video immediately became the most searched on the Internet.  While that sheer number obviously points to quite a few “pigs” it also is human nature.  We all stop to see the blood and gore at a traffic accident.  If a catastrophe occurs we silently sit and wait to hear the high death count totals.  It’s in our blood and our nature.  So is it any different that one of the hottest sportscasters on the planet shows up nude on the net and immediately everyone wants to see it for themselves?  Of course not.  Some want to see if it’s really her, some to see what the hubbub is all about, and hell, I bet there are quite a few straight women who “googled” it as well.

While human nature leads us all to “look” we also contribute to the overall problem of the Internet and the overall problem with blogging in general.  There is no moral accountability on the parts of those responsible for posting such items.  The question isn’t should I?  But why should I?  There is no monetary gain for many of those websites.  Not in terms of hundreds of dollars.  What there is, simply, is page hits and if you get enough of them, you make a few bucks.

A website could average a 1,000 page hits a day for 30 days and that website might bring in 120 bucks on the month.  That’s not a lot of money.  When you factor in the possibility of personally abusing someones life by making a bad taste decision, that money is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on.

I’m not a moralistic guy.  I don’t preach and by no means am I doing that here.  If you want to search for Erin Andrews go search for Erin Andrews.  If you want don’t then don’t.  In either case, the only person that is responsible for those actions is the person making them.  There will be no FBI agents knocking on your door because you googled her name.  There will be no neighbors whispering behind your back or leaving mean messages on your doorstep.  It’s America.

In the blogosphere, at least to me, it’s a little different.  Some believe they have a right to take something that was obtained illegally and show the world.  They believe they have an obligation to show that material.  A young woman completely oblivious to a cameras presence gives them an obligation.  Is that news?  Is that perversion?  Is that something else?

Andrews has been the target of many Internet bloggers attempts at web hits in the past.  She is a simple mark because of her looks and stature alone.  She is however not the first and she won’t be the last.  She is simply a victim of a crime, pure and simple.  I will never post nudity or links to such on this site.  Not because I feel I am better than those that do, but more importantly because I don’t feel it’s warranted or even necessary.

If a Miami Dolphins cheerleader gets caught in a Tampa bathroom kissing another girl while drunk and a picture surfaces because someone took their picture with their camera phone…yeah, that will likely end up here.   If those same two ladies are lip locked in their hotel room and it’s taken from paparazzi…it won’t.

This Erin Andrews thing has become something that borders on sickness.  There are plenty of perverted people out there that will take the videos but it’s not a pervert who buys them to post on the Internet and it’s those idiots that are the real problem.  A pervert can be caught and sentenced then thrown in jail.  The buyer usually gets threatened, as is the case here, with a lawsuit.  Big deal.  It’s already out there and it won’t go away.

I like blogging.  I like trying to be un-biased and opinionated, and more-so, I like the fact that when I write something, I can stand behind it and defend it.  I don’t go over the top for the sake of numbers and I suspect that is the reason why so many of you come back daily or weekly to read what it is I have written.  To those few who have sent me Emails over the last few days asking why I wasn’t covering the Andrews thing, well now you know.  And now you know why I won’t ever put someone like that in that situation on this site.

To me, I don’t represent myself by writing here.  I represent the entire Fan Sided Network, I represent every single reader that comes to this site, I represent the Phinphanatic.com forum and all of it’s members, Finsradio.net which I am a part of, and I also feel some sense of representing the Miami Dolphins themselves.  Ultimately, they are what I write about and I am listed on their “Fan Sites” links page so I feel I should give them a site that acts with some degree of self-restraint and accountability.

So please stop Emailing me about Erin Andrews and her video.  I have no desire to find it, post it, view it, or direct anyone where to find it.  Sorry, but to me, that’s as uncalled for as the idiots who posted it the first time.