Draft Pick Signings Drawing Closer?


The Miami Dolphins first training camp practice is scheduled for 2PM on Sunday while the team will come together officially on Saturday.  Three of the Miami Dolphins draft picks are still unsigned.  1st round pick Vontae’ Davis, 2nd round pick Pat White, and 5th round pick Chris Clemons.  According to national reports, the Dolphins job got a little easier on Thursday and deals may be drawing closer for the three.

According to reports and confirmed on the Miami Herald, the draft picks immediately before and after each of the first two Miami selections were signed by their respective teams.

"On Thursday, Peria Jerry, drafted No. 24 in the first round by Atlanta, agreed to a five-year deal. Linebacker Clay Matthews, drafted No. 26 overall by Green Bay, also agreed to a five-year deal. It will not be long before Davis, drafted No. 25 overall by Miami, will agree to a five-year deal.That agreement which could come as early as Friday will be worth between $10-$10.5 million before incentives and escalator clauses. The guaranteed money should be in the $7.2-$7.6 million neighborhood, which is a very nice neighborhood where folks smile and garbage pickup is always prompt.Thursday also marked the signing of linebacker Clint Sintim with the New York Giants. Sintim, the 45th player taken overall, signed a four-year deal. Defensive end Everette Brown, selected 43rd overall by Carolina, has also signed a four-year deal. White was selected No. 44 overall.– Miami Herald"

While that does not mean that Davis and/or White will be signed by tomorrow, draft slotting is usually the key to get a deal done. Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells do not like holdouts and they hate giving money to unproven talent something they have no choice in.  However, the pressure of the Tuna usually gets things done.

In the case of Chris Clemons, the 5th round pick who has still not signed, the waters surrounding his deal are a bit murky.  Reports were that last month Clemons’ agent leaked that his clients deal was close to being done and that the Dolphins are holding out to make an example of the agent who “talked to the media”.  In reality that is absurd.  While the truth of what is going on behind the closed doors is unknown, one speculation is that the Dolphins made an offer that they felt was enough and that the Clemons camp rejected it.  The offer still sits on the table and the Phins are not budging.  Truth or rumor?  No one will know but it seems that this may be in the court of the agent and not the Dolphins.

Of the 3 rookies, it’s perhaps more important for Pat White to be in camp on time.  White will be asked to work multiple roles from QB to slot WR in his rookie year.  Falling behind early could hurt the rookie’s chance of making any type of impact early on.