Another Player Leaves The Phins & More


So the first week is one day away from being in the books and the Miami Dolphins thus far are having a good camp.  They have however lost 4 players.  In a possible sign of things to come, TE Jared Bronson never reported to the start of camp.  A couple days later and OG Sir Vincent Rogers quit the team.  Today, it appears that it was Ethan Kilmer turn to quit.  The 4th player of course is Brennan Marion who was waived after an ACL injury.  So what’s going on in Miami these days?  Here is quick look at week 1.

Not living in Miami makes reporting about training camp difficult.  I’m at the mercy of the great feedback from our readers, the local media, and friends.  Unfortunately none of that helps me visually.  So, what I have done is taken a slew of Emails, what I have read from various media reports, and personal conversations with friends to get you a decent rundown on what has happened thus far.  Oh, and when you get a chance head over to PlayoffboundSports and catch Brant Houghton’s interview with rookie CB Sean Smith.

The QB’s: So far it seems that of the 3 QB’s Chad Henne has looked the best.  I’ve read and have been told that his arm strength is excellent but he needs to work on his timing.  Chad Pennington has had some ups and downs from fumbled snaps to Int’s.  Still, one of my locals informed me that he is still very methodical and seems, in his words, “Trying to open his game up more”.  Hmmmm, maybe the reason for the int’s?  Pat White is hard to crack.  Some say he looks o.k. others say he is a rookie.  To me White is being put into an ominous situation as a rookie.  He is being asked to learn more than just being a drop back passer.  I think he will be fine come games out of the WC.

RB’s: The Dolphins signed a new FB and frankly I don’t think it matters what his name is right now.  Lousaka Polite has his hands on the position.  It’s been quiet on the Lex Hilliard front and the Phins waived Chris Brown their other FB…Hilliard is a RB BTW.  Ronnie Brown is looking explosive and Ricky Williams is, well, Ricky Williams.  Some have said that Patrick Cobbs is looking like he could be the number 2 by years end…the Phins love this kid apparently.

TE’s: David Martin was not at the field on Friday and the Phins refused to comment on him.  He has been struggling with a groin injury and this will do him no favors toward making this team.  He is in a contract year and the Phins are not likely going to resign him.  Rookie John Nalbone has had some issues with drops but at other times he has looked o.k.  Still, he is a rookie.  I haven’t heard much about Joey Haynos yet.  Ernest Wilford is getting A LOT OF LOOKS at TE but he is also getting blown off the line of scrimmage.  Anthony Fasano is showing more and more why he is worth a new contract.

WR’s: The talk of this camp has to be the emergence of Patrick Turner.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE that I have read or spoken to have raved about Turner.  He is even putting Will Allen on his heels.  Could Tuna have hit on a WR? Ginn is looking good and his hands are obviously not an issue and speaking of hands, I think you need only one to count how many balls Davone Bess had dropped so far this camp. Hartline is getting a lot of work on ST’s as the PR and KR and that is where he will likely see his action this year anyways.  Bess is still in the slot and Camarillo is in the number 2 hole.  Camarillo is making cuts and catches like he never hurt his knee.  It appears that Anthony Armstrong is falling behind Brandon London for that final spot.  Armstrong doesn’t play ST’s and he isn’t playing better than London…so much for all the OTA hype

OL: The Oline is a rag tag unit right now…at the RG spot.  Shawn Murphy is starting but Donald Thomas is returning from his injury…so there is a battle about to ensue.  Carey and Jake Long want to be the best tandem in the NFL.  Jake Long looks much better than he did in Oakland according to a friend I talked to. Justin Smiley missed time this week for the birth of his son…congrats!  The back-up spots are still filtering in.

CB/S: I said that only 4 safeties would make it and so far the weakest of Bell, Wilson, Culver, and Clemons, is the rookie.  Clemons will be fine but at times he has struggled.  Rookies do.  At CB it appears only a matter of time before Vontae’ Davis or Sean Smith take over for Eric Green which means EG may be cut.  Green is getting a lot of work as the starter opposite Will Allen who is beating everyone but Patrick Turner.  Green is not having a great camp.  Smith and Davis are rookies who are playing very well.  Smith especially.  They should make an impact in year one.  Will Billingsley looks lost and it’s likely that he won’t make the roster.  Speaking of lost, Jason Allen for all his physicality can’t seem to get his head right.  Will Allen has already had to stop play to correct JA’s positioning.  Not good.

LB’s: The talk thus far is Matt Roth’s injury.  Doesn’t appear to be too serious.  In his absence Jason Taylor is getting a lot of work which will help him learn the system faster.  Cameron Wake is starting to understand the NFL and it appears daily that he is getting better according to Omar Kelly.  The rest of the LB’s haven’t made much noise.

DE’s: What is up with Phillip Merling?  He has been replaced by Tony McDaniel as the starter…is this just to get TM some reps?  Hope so.  Langford is looking solid and is finding his way to get better.  Not much else to say on this or the DT’s yet, except that Paul Soliai so far is having a better than expected camp.

I will be leaving for a week starting Saturday and will be gone until August 16th.  No knowledge of whether I will have internet access or not.  This is my annual take the wife out of town before football season ritual.  Check back for updates but no guarantees…I may be typing short and quick notes from my Iphone.  If I can’t get anything up here…watch for a Twitter post and I will have short hits up over there.  My name is Txmedic5 on Twitter and Facebook!