Final Roster Cuts Bring Phins To 53


The Miami Dolphins have announced their final cuts today as the team pared down to 53. While the Phins initial releases only have one surprise, around the league former Miami Dolphins players didn’t fair very well. Here is a look at the names that have departed the Dolphins complex.

Starting things off is the somewhat surprise release of WR Brandon London. London was supposed to be that number 6 WR that the Dolphins talked about keeping. With his stellar play on special teams, London was penciled in by many to return this season. Unfortunately, London became a numbers casualty. It’s likely that London will be one of the few released Phins players to catch on early with another team. Would it surprise anyone to see him in an AFC East rivals uniform?

The LB core took two hits on cut down day losing William Kershaw and rookie J.D. Folsom. Folsom was the only rookie from this years draft class to be released. DE Rod Wright, a Saban pick, found that his time had run out as well as the Phins decided to keep Quentin Groves. DE Ryan Baker was also cut.Matt Roth

Along the Oline, the Phins will keep 8 as they cut ties with Brandon Frye the versatile but struggling G/T. Mark Lewis was also released as well as Nate Garner in favor of Andrew Green. In the case of Garner, the Phins decided to keep 4 TE’s including David Martin, Joey Haynos, and rookie John Nalbone after the brass decided that Nalbone would not stay protected on the PS.

WR James Robinson was the final casualty to hit the open wire today. The Phins will begin picking PS players sometime tomorrow.

Matt Roth, the Phins lockerroom leader of a year ago was placed on the PUP list effectively putting the first 6 weeks of his season on ice. Which is what he needs on his questionable groin issue that has plagued him since the night before the start of training camp. The decision to put Roth on the list allowed the team to keep one more player as Roth will not count on the 53 until week 6.

Courtney Bryan is no longer lining up on the depth charts at Safety but instead is looking for another job. He too was released this afternoon. Nor is CB Joey Thomas who was cut last night. This means that from Nick Sabans final draft class, only first rounder Jason Allen is still on the team and he is a nickel back.

The cuts mean that the Phins will enter the season with 5 WR’s, 3 QB’s, 4 RB’s (Lex Hilliard made the 53), and 8 Olineman to round out their offense. On defense they go to battle with 4 S’s, 5 CB’s, 3 MLB’s, and 6 OLB’s. Including Erik Walden who has played well on special teams.

For other “EX” Dolphins, the news was no better. On the day that Vonnie Holliday joined the Denver Broncos, the short lived stay of Eric Green in Miami ended with a cut by the 49’ers. In Oakland, Samson Satele lost his bid for the starting C position.

The news for 1 lifetime Dolphin ended with his release. Signed this off-season by the Kansas City Chiefs after a stint last year in Dallas, Zach Thomas was let go in favor of a younger less experienced player. Thomas is not initially expected to sign another deal soon and it may not be out of the question for him to retire despite earlier reports to the contrary.

For one final player, an honorary member of the Dolphins perfect 72 team, David Tyree of the New York Giants is now looking for work after his release. His claim to fame was the miracle one hand to helmet catch in the Super Bowl that knocked the Patriots out of contention for perfection.