Edge Report: Miami Vs. San Diego


The Miami Dolphins are on the west coast today as they face their 3rd opponent of the season.  Last weeks heartbreaking loss is still fresh in the fans minds but is it in the minds of the Dolphins players?  Should it be?  The Dolphins owned the game last weekend and will try to do the same again this week when their 4 PM Eastern time game kicks-off.

For the Dolphins it’s not a must win situation but it’s getting closer to becoming that if the team has serious playoff aspirations.  Down 1 game to both Buffalo and New England and 2 to the Jets leaves the Phins trying to climb that ladder a little earlier than they had hoped.  The Chargers give the Phins 3 playoff contenders in a row to open the season.  This week, it doesn’t get much easier in the Tight End coverage either and Antonio Gates has to be salivating at the opportunity.

This is the Miami Vs. San Diego “Edge Report”

Miami Dolphins offense vs. San Diego Chargers Offense

Edge:  Chargers

The Dolphins may have a bit of an edge in terms of the defense they are playing as the Chargers are banged up on the line and the Phins should be able to take advantage of it.  Running Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams while controlling the clock like they did last week will go far to securing a victory.  The Phins will probably break out a few new Wild Cat wrinkles as well if the game is close.  The keys to this game are the running of Ronnie Brown and the offensive line play.  If the Phins struggle in either they will have a long day as the Chargers own some promising young corners.  Davone Bess needs to be more involved and the 3 million dollar contract that was signed last season by Greg Camarillo has yet to start paying off.  Time to let him play.

If the Phins face a better defensive situation than the Chargers, you would think that they would have the edge.  Unfortunately the Dolphins face yet another pro-bowl TE in Antonio Gates, use a pinball running back in Darren Sproles (Tomlinson is likely out again), and use a very solid QB who likes to air it out and has the attitude of a LB in Phillip Rivers.  The Chargers are a team that usually find a way to shoot themselves in the foot rather than a defense making a play against them.  It’s because of that reason that this game could be close.

Miami Dolphins Defense Vs. San Diego Chargers Defense

Edge:  Miami

It will be interesting to see how the Dolphins play on defense after last weekend.  They completely controlled the game from start to 3 minutes left.  Then they blew it.  The safeties and linebackers allowed Dallas Clark a free pass and despite the fact that they have shut down opposing runners, it’s the passing game that has killed them.  The worst part is that the team has been in position to win both of their games but have yet to close the deal.  Will this team take that as a challenge or play on their heels?

Sean Smith and fellow rookie Vontae’ Davis are looking for the first turnovers and may find them in San Diego as Rivers likes to take risks.  The Dolphins front line will face a banged up Oline but still needs to keep the game slowed down.

San Diego is beaten up and banged up and that should play into the Dolphins game plans.  They Phins need to take advantage to the changes at LB and Tackle and run as often as they can.  No more of this 2nd and long and 3rd and long situations.  Run it down their throats and then throw the ball.

Miami special teams vs. San Diego special teams

Edge:  Chargers

The Phins have Dan Carpenter and the San Diego Chargers have Nate Keading.  Push.  The Dolphins have Brandon Fields and the Chargers have Mike Scifers.  Push.  The Chargers have Darren Sproles returning kicks and the Dolphins have….?

Tony Sparano Vs. Norv Turner

Edge:  Even

Tony Sparano has done as much in Miami in one year as Norv Turner has done in San Diego, Oakland, and Washington.  Turner still makes some questionable calls that you wouldn’t expect from a veteran coach.  Tony Sparano makes some questionable calls that you expect from a sophomore coach.

Match-ups to watch

Dolphins Safeties Vs. Antonio Gates

Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, now Gates.  The Phins secondary is 0-2.  The Phins LB’s are 0-2.  At some point pride should take over.

Jason Taylor and Joey Porter Vs. Darren Sproles

It sounds like a funny match-up to watch but mark my words it’s a likely scenario that both will face.  Both LB’s like to rush the QB and Sproles will be kept in to block, but once he gives up the block he scoots into the flat as a receiver and Rivers’ knows where he is.  Will either LB be able to keep Sproles out of the passing game or will the Phins dedicate a safety to that job?

Chris Chambers/Vincent Jackson Vs. Davis/Smith/Allen

The Wr’s are good but not great in SD and of the two Jackson is the better receiver.  The Dolphins held Reggie Wayne in check most of the game last week so the first thought is that holding Chambers and Jackson down won’t be all that bad.  The problem lies with the SD rushing attack.  Unlike the Colts, the Chargers have one.  This will make the Miami CB’s play a little different.  This should be a good test for the youngsters Davis and Smith regardless of who they match-up with.

Ted Ginn Vs. Anyone

Ted Ginn has been talked about a lot this week and it’s becoming a broken record.   You would think he would break out sometime.  Last week Ginn went over the 100 yard mark and caught 11 passes but it was the ones he missed and what he did after the catch that has fans irate.  Ginn has something like 2 yards after the catch average.  Amazing for someone with his speed.

Ginn will likely face Antonio Cromartie this week and Cromartie is a young star in the making…should be fun.