Pennington's Future/Career In Jeopardy


The days of Chad Pennington could be over.  Yesterdays hit that popped Penningtons’ shoulder of it’s socket could be the last game that the QB play in Miami.  Depending on the severity of the injury, an MRI is scheduled for later today, Penny10 could be out from 3 weeks to the season.  The question is how bad is his injury and will this be the catalyst to his future?

The Dolphins training staff and sideline doctors popped the shoulder back into place but what remains to be seen is whether ligament damage was done and if surgery is required to fix the problem.  If it’s surgery, it’s the 3rd such in Penningtons career…all on the same shoulder.  The question now becomes what happens to CP?  Pennington is a free agent after this season and a season ending injury puts talks of an extension on ice.  Although I believe that won’t be the case.

It looks more and more like the future of the Dolphins, at least the immediate future, will rest on the shoulder of Chad Henne.  Henne has been quietly and impatiently waiting for his chance and despite a pick 6 on Sunday, looked poised following the give away taking the team for it’s only touchdown of the game a series later.  But what about the other Chad?

Pennington was all but done in New York and when Brett Favre showed up last year, Pennington came to Miami.  He led the team to it’s first winning season in almost 6 years (I still don’t count the 9-7 record by Saban).  The Dolphins went to the playoffs and won the division.  Still, the future of the team never seemed to be Pennington’s.  Considered more of the caretaker, Pennington entered this season amid questions and doubts about his health which apparently have come to fruition.  Many speculated that by mid-season the team would be handed over to Henne.

With CP a free agent after the season the Dolphins have two choices.  Sign a veteran to back-up Henne or let CP play the field and then re-sign him to a lesser contract to be the back-up and finish his career…if he chooses to continue it.  This would make the most sense for all involved.  In my opinion, Pennington would be the most valuable back-up the Phins could have.  Already versed in the system, CP would do as much for the development of Henne as a coach than a player.

It’s too early to speculate on the exact degree of CP’s injury but it appears that the team is about to be handed over to their future.