Joey Haynos Interview Number 2


A few weeks ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Miami Dolphins TE Joey Haynos in an interview I did on Joey has been gracious with his time and has agreed to provide this site with some exclusive interviews. While there are no contracts or deals in place, Joey is allowing us the opportunity to not only get to know him a bit, but take a glance into his daily routines. A view inside the life of a professional football player.This is our second interview with Joey prior to the NY Jets game but heading into the bye week. We hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions you would like to ask Mr. Haynos, please submit them to my Email address at Please title all Emails, “Question for Joey“.  I will do what I can to get some of those answered.

PP: You have been in Miami now through 2 seasons, more or less, what is the atmosphere like around the facility leading up to a game against the New York Jets Vs. other teams in the division…or the NFL?

"JH: Any division game is really important so the mood is definitely more excited."

PP: How much time do you personally spend watching game tape and what do you look for in defensive systems that could give you an edge in that weeks game?

"JH: Usually spend about 6-7 hours watching film with the team and then I’ll spend another 3 hours or so watching film with (Anthony) Fasano. We are looking for different formations that are key. The more we see the more we know."

PP: You mentioned your father as being one of your biggest influences growing up, how did your father help you in regards to preparing for life in the NFL?

"JH: Both my folks taught me to work hard. And in the NFL if you don’t work hard you’re not going to make it."

PP: While I realize that your off days are “your” off days, what is a typical day like that consist of?

"JH: On these days I’m just relaxing and trying to recover."

PP: Where in Miami is a Dolphins fan most likely to run into you…a restaurant, bar, night club….dare I say it…South Beach?

"JH: Ha, only been to South Beach a couple of times but you’d probably see me at a Restaurant. We like Sushi Rock."

PP: After the Buffalo game the team must have felt pretty high, how long does that feeling honestly last?

"JH: Usually right after the game it feels great and the coaches give out the awards, etc but then we are right back to preparing for the next game so it doesn’t last very long."

PP: Looking back to your time at Maryland with Vernon Davis, what did you learn, if anything, from him?

"JH: I watched the hard workers and Vernon was naturally gifted but certainly worked hard. He taught me some valuable route running."

PP: Outside of football, what are you interests and/or hobbies?

"JH: I like movies, books and hanging out with my friends. Pretty normal stuff."