So What Happens Now?


The first day and now the 2nd day of free agency has passed and the Miami Dolphins finally have their high-profile player that fans have been clamoring for, for what seems like a decade.  Yes, Karlos Dansby is now a Miami Dolphin…but what happens now?  Is that it?

Free agency is far from over and while the fever of the first weekend will give way to more patient negotiations.  The Dolphins still have holes to fill and while they will look to the draft for many of them, free agency is where they need fill their depth.

Gone are  LB’s Akin Ayodele.  He will be replaced by Channing Crowderwhile Crowder of course will be replaced by Dansby.  By the way, Dansby told local media that he is really excited about playing with Crowder and that both of them should get better because of each other.  That’s good news because Crowder has been somewhat of an enigma over his last 5 years. 

In addition to Ayodele, the Phins said good-bye to Safety Gibril Wilson and OLB Joey Porter.  With those two moves, the Phins now have 2 holes where they had starters last season.  The Phins may look to Chris Clemons to take that safety spot but more than likely they will look to the draft unless they get a deal done with one of the remaining safeties.  They also let Nathan Jones a reserve CB and special teams ace leave VIA FA as well.  His position for the interim will be filled by Jason Allen.

The OLB spot hasn’t changed but there are no OLB’s available without making a trade and therefore it’s still likely the team will turn in that direction come round 1.  In round 2, the team will likely punch the card on a big NT.  That means in two rounds of the draft, the Phins will not likely draft a Safety or a WR.  Two big needs.

Earlier this off-season Jeff Irelandsaid that the team needed a strong number 1 WR and while they could grab a Brandon Lafelle in the draft, the only way they will get one before then is to trade or sign a restricted free agent.  So for now, fans will wait.

The Dolphins are far from done this off-season and with the re-signing of Chad Pennington ( A GREAT MOVE)to a 1 year contract means that Tyler Thigpen is likely to be traded.  Chad Henneis going to really learn from Pennington…much the same way Drew Bledsoe helped Tom Brady.

Watch for these moves between now and the end of April.  Thigpen traded, one of the WR’s moved.  Greg Camarillo would be my bet.  The Phins may look to free agent WR Derrick Mason who was not re-signed by Baltimore as well.  Of course there is also the restricted free agent list the Phins currently have that include Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano.

I was wrong about the Dolphins signing Karlos Dansby.  I said they would try but wouldn’t pony up the amount of money he was requesting.  The Phins did well with a structured contract that won’t kill them.  Dansby gets his guaranteed 27 mill in the first 3 years (including base salary) and the Dolphins get a 5 year deal.  I was however right about Anquan Boldin and Antrelle Rolle.  Both of which I don’t think are big losses.

The Dolphins got their man for sure and the addition frees them to do other things in FA as well as the draft.  Stay tuned folks, while the rest of this story may not be as exciting as the opening soon…the climax may have everyone clapping in approval!