Dolphins Shopping Ginn


In the least shocking bit of news this offseason, the Miami Dolphins have officially begun to shop Ted Ginn Jr. Despite having blazing speed, Ginn has never been successful as a receiver in Miami. The 9th overall pick in the 2007 draft, Ginn was more or less a microcosm of everything that was wrong with the Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller era. On a team with very few playmakers and plenty of holes, Cameron and Mueller felt the 9th overall pick was best spent on a return-man. Over the last three seasons at receiver Ginn has just five touchdown receptions.

What’s most disconcerting about this move, however, is how little (if anything) Ginn will actually provide in return. After Santonio Holmes garnered just a 5th rounder, it’s hard to see Ginn warranting anything higher than a 6th, and that’s being really optimistic. Tim Graham and Armando Salguero both have reported the Dolphins are shopping Ginn around though, regardless of his lack of value.

The best hope Miami can have is that some team will view Ginn as a kick-returner. In his career Ginn has had some success returning kicks (though as Dolphins fans can attest, he also gets flummoxed by the kicker a lot), but he hardly seems at the level of a Hester or a Cribbs.

To be totally honest, and go against the grain a little bit. This is a dumbass move by the Dolphins. I highly doubt anyone gives up anything even vaguely worthwhile, maybe a 7th? And as much as Ginn is reviled, is a 7th going to be able to contribute at all next season? At least Ginn will return kicks. Frankly, in my opinion the Dolphins getting rid of Ginn doesn’t improve this Miami team one bit and in my opinion it makes the Jets off-season look even better. Ted Ginn is a Jet-killer, I doubt much that Rex Ryan would be sad to see him leaving the division.

All kidding aside, Miami has added NOTHING to its offense all offseason. Sure they signed Richie Incognito, but now they’re trying to trade their best guard. The Dolphins are still yet to sign a back or a receiver. Their offense is not better than it was last year. And now, despite his inability as a receiver, the Dolphins are trying to dish a player for literally nothing. Quick, how many 7th round picks are making a difference on our team right now? The last two sevenths were Lionel Dotson and JD Folsom. If the Fins could get something of value for Ginn I understand this, but they’re not going to. We all know that.Even they have to know that.

And despite any ill-feelings towards Ginn, he’s the best kick returner Miami has had in the last two decades. I’m not talking out of my ass here, the statistics back that up. Do you remember before Ginn the last guy who returned a kick for a score? Jeff Ogden. And before that? Well as far as punts go you would have to go all the way back into the 80’s.

Personal feelings aside, Ginn almost single-handedly won a game against the Jets last year. He was the only player to beat Darelle Revis deep all of last season and he’s the only receiver on the entire roster that is a speed threat. Miami wants to replace that (very limited) production with a practice squad player. It would be one thing if Miami had made improvements to their offense already. Or if anyone was confident they planned on trading for a top receiver or picking Dez Bryant in the NFL draft. But have they? Are you? No.

This isn’t addition by subtraction. This is just a dumbass move. Miami has made absolutely no headway in improving this offense and if they get rid of Ginn, believe it or not, they probably just made it worse.