When it Comes to JT, No News is Good News


Every morning I partake in a truly nauseating ritual. I stagger out of bed, wipe the sleep from my eyes and squint at my computer screen while I check ESPN.com to see if Jason Taylor has signed with the Jets. That’s about as much fun as an infected scrotum. In fact, this ordeal with Taylor has been anything but fun. After hearing reports that JT would sign and then that he would take a few days to decide and all variations in between, there are now even more reports to further muddy the waters.

Jason Taylor’s agent, Gary Wichard, appeared on Sirius NFL radio last night excited by the prospect of JT playing for a Rex Ryan coached defense:

"“Terrell Suggs told me once that every defensive player should be able to play one year with Rex Ryan,” Wichard told hosts Pat Kirwan and Howard David. “So that’s kind of what I said to Jason, I think, when I finally convinced him to go up there [for a visit].“He’s just got an unbelievable way of motivating guys, and I know sometimes he speaks kind of unfiltered and gets himself in trouble. But he embraces his guys, and his guys embrace him. I watched him all through [his] Baltimore days, and, boy, he’s just dynamic when it comes to getting these guys to play.”"

I’m not quoting this because it’s fun to read or it makes you feel good. It doesn’t. What makes this quote interesting is the line:

"“So that’s kind of what I said to Jason, I think, when I finally convinced him to go up there [for a visit].”"

So, Dolphins fans, if you don’t want to be mad at the organization and you’re looking for a scapegoat in the Scooter Libby sense, look no further than Gary Wichard. Sure he may have been looking out for his client’s best interests but if this quote is any indication he’s the one who convinced Jason Taylor to go visit the Jets in the first place. All of this, the conflicting reports on Taylor’s decision, the drop in blood pressure upon first hearing Taylor was in New York to meet with Rex Ryan, even the dirty feeling you get thinking of Fireman Ed rooting for Jason Taylor, can all be blamed on Gary Wichard. Of course you could always look at the fact the Dolphins, despite needing help at OLB and leadership on their defense are essentially too proud and cheap to pay Jason Taylor a bigger salary than Jay Feeley earned last year (that’s the only contract the Jets can offer Taylor, that of the recently departed glove-wearing kicker). But it may just be easier to blame the agent…

I’ll leave you with this quote, one that inspires at least a little hope and sheds some light on what Taylor will ultimately decide to do:

"Wichard said they expected to talk to the Jets again “a bit later in the week,” but he also indicated the Dolphins remain very much in play, saying if Taylor is still unsigned after the draft “that’s probably where he’ll end up.”"

Sooo… as far as Jason Taylor goes, no news is good news. The longer Jason Taylor stays unsigned, the higher the probability he returns to Miami for another year. Which means my morning ritual needs to continue for at least a couple more weeks. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end anytime soon.