Marshall is a Dolphin!


Miami did it! Holy (expletives) the Dolphins have sent the 43rd pick in the 2010 draft and their 2nd rounder in 2011 to Denver for Brandon Marshall (according to league sources) in a stunning move. We’ll have more all day but for now, as details continue to come out, relish in the fact MIAMI HAS ITS RECEIVER! Of course there is still work to be done, Marshall will require a new contract, he has to pass a physical today in Miami and the league must approve the deal, but the frame work is now in place. The Dolphins are also certainly going to attempt to procure a few more picks in what is essentially a very deep draft. But the Dolphins offense just got a lot better.

I actually need to eat a little crow. I’ve been as critical about the new regime as anyone over the last few weeks. I’m glad to say I was wrong. Marshall is far better than anything the Dolphins would have picked up in the second and the fact Miami got to hang on to its first rounder is even better.

Now speculation will begin as to what Miami will do with the 12th pick and if they should trade down. I’m no expert, but I would imagine if the Dolphins can’t move a player for a 2nd round pick then they will probably look to drop into the 20’s and get another 2nd rounder. If a player like Rolando McClain or Dez Bryant becomes available at 12 then Miami could easily find an eager trade partner and move down.

Other questions to consider are whether Miami will still be able to move Ted Ginn or whether they think he could be an asset opposite a stalwart receiver such as Marshall. Outside of Chad Henne I think the happiest guy in Miami might be Davone Bess though. Bess is a receiver in the same mold as Wes Welker, a player who incidentally exploded when paired with an elite receiving threat. Bess has an amazing ability to find holes in a coverage and get open when defenses ARE paying attention. Imagine how much success he could have when defenses have to focus on shutting down Brandon Marshall.

The other question, incidentally, is which of those two receivers wears number 15? It may seem like a silly question but each has established himself playing with that number and oftentimes players don’t like to change. I personally have a vested interest as well, seeing as how I shelled out for an authentic Bess jersey just last season and would prefer it not become a vintage item any time soon. But for Brandon Marshall, anything. We’ll have more all day. Go Fins!