The Marshall Plan Solves 1 Need


UPDATE: According to sources, the Miami Dolphins and Brandon Marshall already have a contract agreement with Brandon Marshall pending his physical and league approval.  The contract is said to be for a very large sum putting Marshall in the top of the NFL in terms of WR salary.

The Miami Dolphins have made a move and it’s a big one.  Trying to solve a long lasting need for a number 1 WR, the Dolphins have resorted to the Marshall Plan, as in Brandon Marshall.  Yes, that’s right, Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins will send their 2nd round pick this year, number 44, and a 2nd round pick in 2011 for the enigmatic high-profile “diva” WR.  His deal is not official as of yet as he will need to pass a physical first.  He is on his way to Miami to meet with the team and get it done.  You can expect a long term deal in the near future.

For Miami, Marshall will bring his high level of talent to a team in desperate need.  News began to break last night that the Phins had interest and when coupled with news that Ted Ginn was on the block, some started piecing together the rumor as a real possibility.  It was real.

Marshall will give youngster Chad Henne his biggest target.  A superb receiver with solid hands, Marshall also gives the Phins that much needed “chunk yards”.  Stellar after the catch.  The only question is what will he do to the locker-room.  I propose you read this article, “Yes To Brandon Marshall” I wrote a month ago about this very issue.

The next issue to discuss is the 2 second round picks the Phins gave up in compensation.  A lot for sure and it can be argued on both sides of the fence.  Is it too much? Or could the Phins have drafted 2 players who would have had impacts?  My question is this.  What does Bill Parcells know that I don’t?

The Dolphins wanted to add draft picks this year not reduce them.  So do they have a trade down in round 1 all but locked up to get that 2nd round pick back?  Probably.  Will they move Ronnie Brown and gain another pick?  Maybe.  Is Ted Ginn finally gone?  I don’t know.  Maybe Ginn will benefit from Marshall.  Personally, I don’t care to find out.

In any case, the Dolphins always have a plan and the addition of Brandon Marshall is not only huge, but likely done with precise work on a bigger plan.  The Dolphins in other words, are not likely done.  When this is over, I suspect the Phins will be picking in round 2.

Dansby was a big signing to start free agency.  Marshall is a lot bigger.

Way to go MIAMI!!!