The Trifecta: Our Knowledge > Yours


I love the Miami Dolphins. They are the light in my life after long work weeks and they provide the type of excitement that not even my fiancee can offer. But they also keep my ego in check as I am constantly reminded by this regime that I clearly do not understand the game of football like they do. Sure I may spend countless hours on my couch watching collegiate and pro games that I have absolutely no vested interest in. Sure, I’ve been dumped by an ex-girlfriend over my beloved Fins. I even remember weeping as a nine year-old after Pete Stoyanovich missed a potentially game-winning field goal against the Chargers in the playoffs. But none of that matters because my football knowledge next to the Trifecta’s would be like comparing an elementary school nurse to the head Heart Surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic (whom incidentally is the father of my Dolphin-hating ex-girlfriend). It isn’t even close.

That’s why I won’t waste your time telling you that, personally, I was less than thrilled by the Dolphins’ picks on day two of the draft. Here’s where I will honestly defer to the front office. Apparently Sergio Kindle legitmately does have health concerns. His knee is a potential time bomb, waiting to become injured and require a micro-fracture surgery (similar to the one Jonathan Vilma endured at the end of his Jets tenure). Despite Vilma’s recovery, I can see why a team may shy away from Kindle in light of his injury concerns. So Miami selected Koa Misi out of Utah instead and found the type of player the Trifecta was looking for.

I don’t really know Misi from Adam, and frankly the majority of Dol-Fans that would say they do would be filed under the category of “liars” in my book. Our own Shane (ONole) is up on the majority of the prospects and Brian is usually very well-versed, but admittedly even I had to check on who Koa Misi was when I heard his name. He seems, on paper, to be a good fit. A big, physical, high-motor player that has the character and intangibles to be a good outside linebacker in the NFL.

This is where faith in the trifecta comes in. After passing on the top tier of supposedly “elite” OLB’s Miami selected a guy at 40 whom they had a lot of confidence in. If you trust in the decision making of Parcells and his regime, this is a great pick. If you’re skeptical you may be less happy.

Miami made two of the “front-office-knows-best” variety of picks on Friday night. First selecting Koa Misi out of

Utah and then selecting John Jerry out of Ole Miss. Fortunately for Misi, the Fins needed an outside linebacker. Misi will fit that bill, so his selection is effective, if not sexy. John Jerry on the other hand raises questions. If you trust the trifecta, he will be a starter for years to come, a third round steal and no one will ever remember who Justin Smiley even was. If you aren’t completely drinking Trifect flavored Kool-aid, then you wonder why Miami would spend a valuable pick selecting an offensive guard when the line was one of the Dolphins’ biggest strengths last year.

I’m not trying to tell you what to think about Miami’s day to selections. I’m simply pointing out that if you trust the trifecta inherently, the Fins had a premiere first two draft days. But if you listen to anyone else, you may wonder what the hell the Dolphins were doing today. So what do you think?