My Jeff Ireland Opinion


So Jeff Ireland has received a lot of unwanted press the last few days. I almost posted on it when it broke, but instead I waited until I had a chance to see what the NFL and Stephen Ross were going to do. After 3 days of some of the worst media coverage…you would think he got drunk and hit Bill Parcells…I have come to one conclusion.

So freaking what!

So he asked an incoming rookie, WR Dez Bryant, with a seriously scarred upbringing if his mother ‘was’ a prostitute. Not ‘is”. “Was”. So what.

So he issued a media statement on the subject in the form of a team release. Big deal. So what. Who cares.

What he did do was call the Cowboys, ask permission to speak with Bryant, called Bryant and apologized.

The funny thing is this. Bryant said he was mad. “Very mad” at the question but didn’t let it show. Yet he still felt the need to tell someone in the media who already has made a circus out of Dez Bryant.

Not exactly the smartest thing.

I have been to a hundred job interviews and while I can’t recall ever being asked if my mother was a prostitute, I have been asked some rather unexpected personal comments including how many times during the course of a shift do I use the bathroom for something other than urination. WTF?

See, we all have been asked weird questions in interviews but the difference is this. The company wasn’t setting themselves up with a multi-million dollar investment in my history and my families history.

There are probably a few reasons why Jeff Ireland asked what he did and personally it’s his own business. Why? Because it’s his bosses money he was going to spend. Doesn’t matter if Bryant is black, white, hispanic, or any other nationality, he had his reasons.

What if his mother was a prostitute? What if that was something that the Bryant family desperately wanted to keep secret? What if because of her prostitution she had things being held over her head that could result in someone from that past resurfacing and making demands…say “tell your son to drop some balls”.

Who knows. But more importantly who cares. The only thing this has done is take the focus of the media away from Ben Roethlisberger.

Knowing the personality of Stephen Ross and the image he want’s to portray as a new owner, Ireland will likely be slapped with some sort of internal fine or reprimand and that will lead the media writers to scream BS. I would simply leave it alone. PERIOD. It’s not like he took a camera and filmed his mother to find out, or an opposing defense.

Big deal. So what. Who cares.